Tuesday, 27 July 2010

GMOs discussed in House of Lords

The Countess of Mar (Crossbench) asked Her Majesty’s Government in the House of Lords yesterday about their assessment of the process for granting consent for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by the European Union.

Lord Henley (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Conservative) replied that the government is currently detailing its policy on GMOs as well as assessing the EU regulatory regime.
Later this year the European Commission is due to issue a report that reviews the operation of the EU legislation on the environmental release of GMOs and the marketing of GM food and feed products.
3 June 2014

I didn't follow up on the 2010 Report, but publish a link now where the reader can find the UK government's published policy as of 2014 under the heading Making the food and farming industry more competitive while protecting the environment.  Notice that the Food Standards Agency leads on the safety of GM food and feed and on applications to market GM food and feed products.  You see, GMOs are already in the food supply in the UK.