Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bayer Must Pay Rice Farmers $940,000

From the US Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog
July 30, 2010

A jury awarded over $940,000 in damages to six Arkansas farmers for losses incurred "since traces of genetically modified rice were found in the U.S. long-grain rice supply in 2006," according to the Arkansas Times Online. Bayer Crop-Science was found negligent in the handling of rice bred to tolerate its Liberty Link herbicide.

Bayer, partnering with Louisiana State University, tested its "genetically modified rice at a school-run facility in Crowley, La. in 1998." The rice had not been approved for human consumption at the time. In 2006, USDA announced that contamination had occurred with Liberty Link 601 in the commercial rice supply and Japan and the European Union (EU) banned US rice imports. Consequently, rice prices and exports dropped.

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