Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

I took this photograph on 30 November 2010 at Tesco Serpentine Green. It is truly scary when I think of what will happen to all the products in the photo. The junk food and sweets will contribute to ill health and the mostly manmade fibre costume products will be worn once and then end up in a land fill site. And what happens to all the stuff that isn’t sold? -- more for the bin I think. Multiply this by all the Tesco stores in the UK, x 2,482, or even better world wide, x 4,811, and its one scary Halloween indeed!  Never mind Walmart, Carrefour and all the other supermarkets which no doubt have more of the same.

And in case you and your children have managed to get through grocery shopping without succumbing to the temptations of the cheap offers of sweet things all over the store, the Candy King waits by the checkout. No artificial colours or flavours – it must be good! I took this photo at Tesco Serpentine Green as well.

I realise that candy and sweets have been around a long time, but the scale of having this much on the market has never been so massive and so CHEAP!

Happy Halloween! Hope you’re having a safe and hopefully less sugary one despite the market pressures!

And good timing this year with the clocks going back here in the UK on Halloween!