Saturday, 20 November 2010

A Not So Sweet Holiday Treat

Updated on 4 December 2010

GMO Sugar Beet Seeds Must Be Destroyed was reported in the United States Agriculture & Food Law and Policy Blog on 2 December 2010.  It seems a sweet holiday treat is in store after all, sweet in the sense that the law will be upheld.

USDA Proposing Interim Planting of Illegal, Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets: Tell USDA To Say No! This is the news and there is a petition attached to the link. Although it is in the US, I think anyone can sign it, as I did. I think it is important to sign this petition because it is an attempt to halt the further erosion of democracy. Not only are transnational corporations (TNCs) such as Monsanto influencing government policy, with this as an example, they are usurping the law as well. This affects everyone. Our rights are at stake here whether we are pro-GM or not, and whether we simply want more research and scientific evidence or not. For the sake of upholding democracy which stands for human dignity, it is important to support efforts to stop this commercial planting of GM sugar beets in the US until proper compliance of legal requirements have been fulfilled.

To help the reader understand the seriousness of the opposition to the USDA acting according to the law, I would point out that TNCs are on a par with regiments in an army. They will sacrifice life in order to win the battle. Everyone in the world is needed to stand strong to protect life, freedom and the democratic way from destructive corporate advances.

America, the land of the free, is under attack once again.

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