Friday, 21 January 2011

GE Alfalfa Action

The Center for Food Safety sent me an email to ask that I write to President Obama and US Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack to request a moratorium on genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa.  A standard letter is provided to sign as well as a space to personalise the message, which I did and now copy it below in case it might help others.

It is important to take action to let politicians know your opinion.  If you are against GE crops, please join me in this letter writing action by clicking here, where there is plenty of information to bring you up to speed on this particular issue and the letter to send.

My personalised message was as follows:

I would ask for you to please stop and honestly reflect on this matter for a moment. I believe that you will then realise that growing genetically modified plants is contaminating the environment, just the same as dioxins. But at the very least, you will realise that growing GE alfalfa is a risk not worth taking. Besides contaminating the environment, there is evidence to suggest that these unnatural products cannot be recycled properly. Also, there is scientific proof that genetically modified foods and feed are toxic. Finally, there is a chance that the already taxed bees will be adversely affected.

In addition, think about what the point of the whole exercise is. The main point of GE alfalfa is to feed cows an unnatural diet that harms their health which in turn harms the humans who eat the foods they produce. GE alfalfa is part of the program where cows are crowded together indoors without fresh air, sunlight or exercise.  Also, GE alfalfa is produced using chemicals to reduce the number of weeds, many of which would contribute to a balanced diet for the cows!

And then consider the fact that GE alfalfa is a means for corporations to make more money, not to ensure the production of healthy food. It’s your health too because everything in this world is interconnected. As with all over sized transnational corporations, Monsanto, the producer of Roundup ready alfalfa, is a dinosaur. You can read more along these lines on my blog at:

The only option that will protect organic and conventional alfalfa growers and dairies is for the USDA to deny any approval of GE alfalfa. The USDA needs to adopt a moratorium on the planting of GE alfalfa in order to start the process of reclaiming life back from corporate powers that are causing the destruction of the food chain. It may seem like “sticking your neck out” but it isn’t really that hard to do, that is, to choose the way forward that promotes human and animal well-being and protects the environment that we all share.

It's no small task, but I hope that you find the gumption to fulfil the government's role of protecting farmers, consumers, animals, biodiversity and the environment from corporate aggression by placing a moratorium on GE alfalfa.

Thank you for your help.

Photo of cows credit: Proposed Nocton Dairies in Nocton Heath, Lincolnshire, UK