Sunday, 2 January 2011

Positive Vision No. 4: The Ego is Conquered

Everyone is recovering from the long-term condition of an over-inflated ego (egoitis) and tuning out of false beliefs and into the truth.

My affirmation to use while meditating on this positive vision is: Everything’s true.

The industrial, technology-based conveyor belt mono production systems have developed and continue because of the immature over-inflated egos of those involved as producers, developers, consumers and politicians. I call this condition ‘egoitis’. It is like a disease because it zaps our energy, lessens our enjoyment of life and causes all sorts of harm to our wellbeing.  But it also causes lots of damage to all life on Earth and even negatively affects the cosmos.

By “ego”, I mean a false sense of awareness. It “talks” over the “voice” of the inner being that is connected to cosmic unity and causes confusion and negativity. Like a television blaring in the background, it distracts us from life’s meaningfulness and truth. It is an inflammatory condition that leads to beliefs of human superiority, hierarchal structuring of life (not in terms of complexity, but in terms of usefulness to the ego) and the notion that nature is in need of fixing and/or conquering when it’s really the ego that needs conquering.

In Eastern philosophy “...the underlying reality behind all things is that of unity. And not only are the elements that compose the material world identical within all things, consciousness itself is an expression of a similar unity” (Fontana, 2007).

The ego separates us from this unity and then attempts to construct unity in a materialistic man-made world to make up for its ‘loss’ of unity with the cosmos. People with this condition think they can do better than nature. The natural material world is connected to a spiritual unity, and by this connection, it thrives on diversity. However, the manmade constructed world is soulless, mechanical and lifeless. This is the reason why we are now suffering biodiversity loss on such a large scale and so many people are becoming ill. However, the egoless mind realises all this and a person with such a mind not only excels in his own uniqueness but by thoughts words and action, he will not harm such qualities in any physical form of life, but works in tandem with nature.

Continuing on from the Sherlock Holmes adventure in my Positive Vision No. 2, new developments unfold.

Dr John Watson gives the facts of the new pandemic, egoitis, to Sherlock Holmes and Holmes is shocked!

Sherlock Holmes: What’s this now Watson...another pandemic, an even more serious one than supplementitis?

Watson: Indeed Holmes, egoitis has a strong grip on the world and threatens to annihilate life on planet Earth as we know it.

Sherlock Holmes: I see, and you say it’s extremely contagious? What do you suggest we do to avoid it while tracking down the culprits that are keeping it in circulation?

Watson: Avoid television, shopping malls, industrial farm products and fast food... that’s a good start anyway.

Sherlock Holmes: It may be that supplementitis is actually a symptom of egoitis.

Watson: Then we’d be able to solve two crimes in one!

Sherlock Holmes: Precisely Watson. I think I’ll retire to my apartment for a soul strengthening meditation session. As you know, I gave up smoking and the use of all drugs and this is how I now get my inspiration.

Watson: Good idea Holmes, I’ll meet you later in the afternoon.

The two sleuths part ways, and as we watch Sherlock walking down the road with great strides, we see his look of shock turn into a hint of a smile with a glint in his eyes.

mmm .......... everything’s true.

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