Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Positive Visions Reminder

Because of the way this blog works, in reverse order, I thought it would be helpful for me to make a note at this point about some of my recent posts. Eight of them are actually part of a series, like a book. So if you read one and not the others, it may be hard to follow, like reading a chapter in a book without reading it in sequence. On the other hand, sometimes people do only read one or two chapters in a book because that is all that they’re interested in. But for those of you who like me prefer to read books from cover to cover, here is the table of contents of the series.

Happy Holidays!!! – description of my three week retreat in December 2010.

Retreat Report – introduction to the six Positive Visions that follow together with affirmations.

Positive Vision No. 1: Spread of the mmm Factor - Everyone is developing the ‘mmm’ factor and keeping a smile on their faces by eating wholesome foods. Everything’s good.

Positive Vision No. 2: Everyone is Avoiding Supplements - Everyone is avoiding supplements in their diet because they are getting all the needed nutrients and vitamins from whole foods. Everything’s as it should be.

Positive Vision No. 3: Transnational Corporations are Extinct - Global warming caused mass extinction of transnational corporations because they didn't heed the warning to stay out of the kitchen and couldn't stick the heat. The coast is clear.

Positive Vision No. 4: The Ego is Conquered – Everyone is tuning out of false beliefs and into the truth. Everything’s true.

Positive Vision No. 5: Living Harmless - Everyone is tapping into their inner strength and licking the habit of harming themselves and radiating harm from themselves. Everything’s fine.

Positive Vision No. 6: Superior to None - Everyone is living as an integrated part of nature. Smooth sailing ahead.

mmm..........it really works!

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