Thursday, 10 March 2011

Waitrose Joins the TNC Gang

The John Lewis Partnership, including the department store and Waitrose, a supermarket I used to enjoy, is rolling out plans to expand globally and become a true transnational corporation (TNC).

In February 2011, Waitrose opened its first wholly owned venture outside the UK with a store in Jersey. As reported in Marketing Week, it is the first of five Channel Island stores planned to open this year.

Also in Marketing Week, “Waitrose has sold its own brand products as an FMCG brand in Channel Island retailers Checkers and Safeway for more than 10 years.” It also ships its own label products to countries including Barbados, Bermuda, Cyprus, Dubai, Falkland Islands, Grenada, India, Kuwait, Qatar, Tortola, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia and St Lucia.

However, the news in the Financial Times today (10 March 2011) is that John Lewis is expanding into the US and Australia. Last month, the Financial Times reported that it was expanding into Europe.

The Financial Times also reported today that Morrison invests £32m in the US online grocer FreshDirect.

Last week the Financial Times reported that Tesco is pushing into northern California with two stores called Fresh & Easy.

Obviously, the global food industry rivalry is hotting up. To stay out of the firing line, avoid supermarkets!