Friday, 28 October 2011

Mean Spirited Halloween

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  Soon they’ll be charging us for the air we breathe.  They’ve already duped us into paying for our water with water rates and plastic bottled stuff.  But what I mean in particular by mean spirited is the government’s call for people to be more responsible when it comes to their health while allowing corporations to continue pushing the crap that is making people ill at cheap prices, and while whole organic foods remain expensive.  This spirit is enough to scare any even remotely aware person out of their wits this Halloween!

Since when is adulterated food the responsibility of the consumer?  And processed foods are adulterated.  What is adulterated?  It is to make something less pure by adding inferior or unsuitable elements or substances to it.  Is that not what most processed foods are?  Is that not even what whole foods are that have pesticides and other chemicals on them and in them.  Is that not food that is produced on industrial farms?  Is that not milk that has been homogenised and pasteurised and had the fat removed?!!!

Are we all supposed to spend our days examining all foods under a microscope and assessing the composition with research of our own to determine if it will harm our health or not?  Are we supposed to examine labels and look up the long strange names and E numbers to try and figure out whether the substances are toxic or not?  Or maybe we should all be producing our own food somehow?  And if the government allows products to be sold without directions on intake, are we not reasonable to assume that they must be alright to eat as and when we like?  After all, as bad as most medications are for health, at least they come with instructions on how and when to use them.

It is a mean spirited government that puts such responsibility on its citizens.  In fact, it is more than mean spirited; it is downright negligent and based on greed and madness.

But what is even scarier is the fact that people are doing what the government says and yet they are still becoming unhealthy.  Writers such as Hannah Sutter in Big Fat Lies: Is Your Government Making you Fat?, and Zoe Harcombe in her books and presentations about obesity show how people are eating less, counting calories and doing more and still becoming obese.  Sales of low fat milk products and margarine are flourishing (you only have to look at the shelves in supermarkets), but the rates of heart disease have continued to rise as documented by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride in Put Your Heart in Your Mouth.  And so the story goes ... on and on.

I started this blog over a year ago now because I was shocked by propaganda against organic food being bandied about by a government agency, the Food Standards Agency (FSA), as well as news of GM potatoes being grown in Norfolk not far from my home.  Others have come a long way too, but not the UK government or the US government for that matter which I wrote about in an article on the US Dietary Guidelines 2010.  They and big corporations are spiralling at the speed of light in the opposite direction to the one good for us.  And like particles in the Hadron collider, they’re headed for nothing but destruction.

The remit of nutrition in the UK has moved from the FSA to the Department of Health, but nothing has improved on the advice that is handed out. It still favours the corporate processed food structure.  GM potato trials are still being conducted in Norfolk and I found out at a rally in July that an outspoken Monsanto supporter is heading up the research.  And the government’s responsibility deal makes it no secret either that they are in bed with the enemy.

Not long ago, I learned about a top level American scientist warning the US and European governments about a new danger associated with genetically modified foods.  Dr Huber will be speaking in the House of Commons on 1 November 2011 about this.  I hope all the saints (as it is All Saints Day) are with him and that his message gets across.

But besides the fact that many animals in the UK are fed with GM corn and soy feed, I keep harping on about sugar.  Sugar, as well as, caffeine, alcohol and highly refined processed foods.  Margarine, skinless chicken breasts, low fat milk and lean mince.  The government is either ignoring the type of foods that should be warned against or recommending the wrong ones.

However, since it is so obvious that the government has got everything backwards with nutrition and has become worse than useless to the average citizen in this field, it should be obvious that some greater responsibility on each one of us is called for.  I only wish I could stop paying for the NHS (that is, the National Health Service which services the pharmaceutical corporations).

This Halloween, as I did last year, I make another plea for people to avoid the treats full of sugar and chemicals despite them being “in our face” because they’re really a trick that will make you ill.  Some would probably call me mean spirited for depriving children of candy.  But a spoonful of honey, fresh fruit and honey, some dried fruit or a GAPS treat would be much nicer and better for health.

Finally, for the millions on benefits, the mean spiritedness is extending to short change you of the means to even live on junk food.  Far from having a right to basic nutritious whole foods, air and water to stay alive, as nature provides, the government wants everyone to work for these things regardless of their personal health and circumstances.  As stated in a recent BBC documentary, The Future State of Welfare with John Humphreys, the age of entitlement is predicted to end with the current government.  In his comparison to what is happening in the US, I found the footage of soup kitchens in New York City of particular interest.  Is this what we have to look forward to in the UK?  Are we not entitled to anything that nature gives for free?  Mmm, but for a breath of fresh air ...  not likely in a city on Halloween.  Hope you have a happy one anyway!

Photo : The Skeleton Chef