Saturday, 24 March 2012

The B’org of Food Cuisine

Clarification of My Campaign Against the Adulteration of Food

In case you haven’t noticed, I’d like to point out that the modern kitchen is actually a laboratory because that is where the essence of much of today's food is formulated.  The one in the above picture is Munchy's in Malaysia.  How you feel about this will determine whether you like to eat real food or chemicals put together by man into food products.  People who profess to be plastic lovers often prefer manmade foods while the rest struggle to hold on to all that is natural.

However, at this stage of writing on this blog, I have realised that it is clear that the B’org of Food is simply stuck in a rut and are doing nothing but digging themselves in deeper.  They claim to be innovative, but in reality, they are stagnated.  The chains that bind big corporations are created by the market and the need to make money.  This is why our food is becoming more and more synthetic and difficult to understand.  It appears to me that either we get our food supply out of the market or we’ll end up as a race of cyborgs (cybernetic organisms that are totally disconnected from Nature).  In other words, we’ll become as synthetic as the food that we eat.

I’ve written about baby formulas, feeding tube formulas, soup, yogurts, and breakfast cereals, but just about all food today is tainted by man’s manipulations with the ulterior goal of making a profit.  Not only that, chemicals are also commonplace in kitchens as cleaning products such as those used on floors and countertops.  Money really is the root of all evil because making money and protecting health are incompatible with one another and our health is our greatest wealth.

Nature, Time and Patience are the three greatest physicians, and as it so happens, the three greatest chefs as well.

Greed, a honed Competitive edge and a Myopic view are the three top qualities of successful business people and also those in charge of formulating the B’org of food cuisine.

Many business people have no time or patience and, to varying degrees, know nature only for what they can take from it.  They require a sharp edge not to chop up the onions but to beat anyone else trying to take what they view with their myopic eyesight as important in nature.  They greedily take possession of physical components while destroying anything that gets in their way or threatens to lessen their coveted possessions.

I would also comment that there is a strong undercurrent of social cohesion that is keeping the B’org of Food strong.  It’s not cool to eat traditional foods and turn down offers of sugar laden starchy food products (such as Munchy's) which are on offer just about everywhere you go in the world.  Most people just don’t want to stand out from the crowd and so buy into what the B’org of Food has used billions in advertising and propaganda to promote.

I realise that there are many good-hearted people out there who are a part of the market because they produce, prepare and sell real food for money and pay money to operate a business.  But the general trend is that people are being forced away from the land (nature) and traditional customs. This has been going on for centuries and is coming to a head. People relying on natural methods in the food supply are all struggling and soon will fall by the way side unless the monopolistic nature of the Capitalist system is not dealt with.

In the meantime, please be reminded that every time, that is, every single time, you shop in Asda or eat at a McDonalds (or other such places) no matter how natural they claim to be, you are supporting the system that lends towards us becoming cyborgs.  That is the underlying message of this blog.  That is the direction humanity is going in as a whole.  I see this on a daily basis especially in the food and drug industries (as in the American Food and Drug Administration!)  It’s up to each one of us to take control of our own life and live as close to nature as possible.  It is a fight.  But, it's a quiet revolution.  The prize is freedom.  (The concept of freedom in this context is owed another blog article and due soon.)