Tuesday, 31 July 2012


This proverb that warns of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation is being totally ignored today in the name of science.

Being satisfied would be the way to avoid being killed, avoid the extinction of our species.  But it seems the B’org is out to conquer the Universe at any cost.  Cyborgs are the only ones that will be able to keep up with the current Curiosity agenda.  In fact, if you look around, many people already are cyborgs – part biological and part artificial.  It’s just that the extent of the artificial bits is increasing at an alarming rate.

I recently wrote an article about a fragrance called Curiosity.  Full of chemicals that are irritating at best, this is a typical substance that is applied to the skin by many people in an effort to be attractive.  But this Curiosity, it turns out, is nothing when it comes to exploring outer space.

I recently watched a program on BBC about Curiosity the Mars Science Laboratory rover, a 2.5 billion-dollar rover that was launched from Earth in November last year on a 570-million-km journey across space and which is due to touch down at 05:31 GMT (06:31 BST) Monday 6 August; 22:31 PDT, Sunday 5 August.  This Curiosity is being touted as a “priceless asset,” but I can’t for the life of me see how this could be.  It set off my curiosity.

I’m curious and perhaps I should be satisfied instead.  But here it goes anyway.

I’m curious why there is such a push to spend so much money on scientific research.  Why do we spend money on researching how to make fragrances from dissected ingredients?  Why do we spend money on how to make food products when nature provides it in abundance?  Why are we seeking to travel to space to what clearly appears to be hostile, uninhabitable places for earthling biological beings?  Why are we so curious about what’s in outer space that we are willing to sacrifice our own planet and all the life forms on it?

Sorry, but if this Curiosity ends up in the Martian triangle (Bermuda triangle of space), I, for one, will not be shedding a tear for it.

I’m curious to know how anyone is able to close their eyes to the misery that these scientific pursuits (from chemicals for fragrances and genetic modification to space projects) are causing.  How is it possible that some people are unable to make the connection between their sterile, unnatural lifestyles and the suffering all around us?  What do you think is causing the increase in people with medical conditions, people who are starving, loss of biodiversity, destruction of our environment, etc etc?  I’m curious to know, who is responsible?

I really am curious to know why the B’org of food is able to rampage all over the earth and people seemingly succumb to its will and buy its products with joy.  For example, I’m ever so curious to know why Coca Cola and Big Macs are seen as superior to traditional beverages and meals by sooo many.  What has happened to the human race that some people obviously value a trip to space over fresh air, water and real food?