Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A B'org Invitation to Thrive

I recently learned more about David Icke who is in the film called Thrive, thought he had a point and so watched this film again (in September 2012) to see if I had missed something!

I originally watched it at a friend’s house with a few others in April and thought thank God for the good company because I found it to be a boring hodge-podge of information with no point or meaningful message.

First of all, instead of making me feel reassured, hopeful and peaceful as a picture of the human race thriving might otherwise do, this film annoyed me and motivated me to write my original blog article, which I've now incorporated into this article.

My ultimate impression is that the movie is an infomercial! It's selling a warped reality. It's selling Torus energy (whatever that is). It's selling continued consumerism. It's selling a conspiracy theory and American paranoia. And it's selling a few other things as well.

Thrive is narrated by (James) Foster Gamble, a VERY wealthy man connected to Proctor and Gamble (snappily known as P&G) ... him and his mannequin wife. So very Borg-like, so perfect, so in control, so afraid, so ungrounded, so driven, etc etc... I was unable to find much information about him on the Internet though except that he was brainwashed at Princeton University which he tells the viewers in the film.

The film begins with a lot of information about UFOs and crop circles. In my view, the Elite few at the top are like the Stratos Dwellers from a Star Trek episode which David Korten discusses in his book, When Corporations Rule the World (link is to my book review). This Elite lived in the clouds above their planet and ruled the workers from there. Gamble uses lots of imagery in the film of him sitting above the world, even in outer space.  UFO's and ETs are their only company up there!

Also, when I did my law degree at the College of Law in Guildford, we used a computer program called ELITE (electronic legal interactive training environment). Handy name because we were being groomed to serve the Elite (called the Illuminati in this film), and most knew this but just went along with it.

The movie progresses with a hodge-podge (known as hotchpotch in the UK) of facts like the one that there are a few rich families with lots of power controlling what’s going on in the world today, especially because they control money, power (in a materialistic sense), and they’re trying to control food (although in reality what they are doing is ruining it, all of it, even theirs). It was a hodge-podge because the facts presented were mostly true in one form or another, but there did not seem to be any point unless you take it that continuing a consumerist lifestyle (the so-called American Dream mentallity) is OK and even desirable.

I would have thought that some type of coherent message could have been delivered in two hours! OK, he did say that all we need is access to free energy in the form of a technological gadget which the Elite are denying us, even though one form or another has been available for years. Meanwhile, I believe that we have all the energy we need when we have our health, the sun, the earth, water and wind. It is access to these things which is being denied that was not even mentioned in the film (except water). Gamble mentions healthcare, but that's really sickcare.

Please view a couple of episodes of the Farm Revealed to see where the young are being drawn today, not as a sinister thing, but as a matter of course. The episodes are about cloning, GMOs, skin tags and other such things that also surface in the movie.

All the bits of intense information and elaborate technological visual effects made me think that it was an attempt to manipulate my mind, like a magic trick. With his talk about Torus energy and a lot of other mumbo jumbo, I suppose some might be assimilated by it all.

At the end of the film, Gamble outlines three stages to begin to realise a money-based vision for the future.  For the first stage (what he likens to a Liberal Democratic agenda!), he talks about increasing the money available to make changes but suggests a way to do this that we have no control over ... cutting the US military budget and getting rid of the Federal Reserve!  Ha ha ha!  No problem, I'll just put those things on my to do list for tomorrow!  But seriously, what will take their place?

Icke explains in the film that banks make money out of thin air with computers and loans, not something the average Joe in the street would be able to do.  Among other things, this money is to feed everyone on the planet.  It's a picky point, but money cannot feed people, only food.  Nature provides food for free.  How do people get around the people that block access to what nature provides?  No clues in this film.  Poverty and starvation aren't inevitable, they're necessary to maintain the status quo of which the Gambles are a part!
I disagree with Gamble that money can solve all our problems!!!

Gamble likens the second stage to a "traditional conservative world view"!  I wonder, is this his version of the New World Order?   I say this because it's based on shrinking the role of government just like the current government policy in the UK and US which is doing nothing but giving transnational corporations and billionaires more power!!! He really must be joking if he thinks that will protect individual liberty.
But, to be complete, here's stage 3.  It develops out of stages one and two "as the system gains integrity and we move to sound currency!  Sounds crazy!  Mmm... people get more money, freedom, control and time!?  No involuntary tax.  What?  Will we all be programmed to pay it willingly!  No monoply of force.  Rules rigorously protecting individual rights (mmm, rights), but not rulers!  He's thrilled to see how much practical thinking has already been done in healthcare, crime and education.  In the US, healthcare is the number one killer!  If he means alternative healthcare, he should have said so.

Nonviolation (interesting term).

Finally, Gamble reminds us that we should not be violent in our protest against the misery being created by the Illuminati.

Yeah!  After being put in a trance by the rest of the film, this is the rubbish that goes into the viewer's subconscious!

I wish the Elite would take their "free" energy and .... go join their ETs on other planets (preferably in another galaxy) and stop ruining planet Earth.  I think we'd thrive then!

Photo credit: Thrive propaganda article