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The B’org’s Prayer

Update on December 19, 2017: Pope Francis has made it public that he wishes to change the Lord's Prayer where it says "lead us not in to temptation." Thanks to Pope Francis for pointing out that it is not godly to lead one into temptation at all, never mind asking him not to. But is it really different to ask God not to let us fall into temptation? Do we have to ask?.

And what is temptation? Something wrong (to who, God? Or unwise? "In all contentions there is neither right nor wrong, neither good nor bad.." (Masanobu Fukuoka)

The prayer which Jesus Christ (the fictional character) taught to His disciples (more fiction) (see the Biggest Secret by David Icke) is called the Lord's Prayer by many.  This prayer (also referred to as The Our Father Prayer) appears in the Gospels of Matthew 6:9 and Luke 11:2 in the Bible.  Arius Calpurnius Piso (well-connected man) wrote the Gospels of Matthew and Luke from 70 to 80 AD (from Icke's book with reference to the True Authorship of the New Testament by Abelard Reuchlin).  Below I analyze the prayer with the Borg of Food in mind and conclude that it may just as well be called The Borgs Prayer.

The Lord's Prayer is naturally divided in seven clauses. The number seven symbolizes the perfection of the individual soul.”  Or perhaps, as suggested by Icke and others, since it is used in many instances in the Bible, it is a code number?

1.      Our Father, (Alien from another dimension known throughout the history of civilization as a god, or reference to a brotherhood of men/aliens – secret elite? Or a not so secret big organisation? ‘Our’ not ‘my’ because it was a maxim of the Jews, that a man should not pray alone, but join with the Church, join with authority – you and I aren’t good enough to pray to God alone.) Who art in heaven (living with us on this earth in another dimension? Or in the boardrooms of the B'org?)

2.     Hallowed be Thy Name (what name is that then?  God?  The One and Only until a new religion is born.  Or maybe it's Monsanto, Nestlé, Coca Cola, Unilever, McDonalds, Tesco, Asda, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, etc etc);

3.     Thy kingdom come (interpretation of ‘kingdom’ includes a world-wide governance by a ruling class as we see developing faster and faster.)

4.     Thy will be done (reference to giving up your power, why?) on earth as it is in heaven. (as it is on earth in another dimension?)

5.     Give us this day our daily bread, (I don’t eat bread and nature provides all the food I could ever want.  We don’t have to ask nature to provide food, it just does it naturally!  Believing that some alien or the B'org of Food is to be responsible for providing sustenance would explain the situation we find ourselves in today with the destruction of natural food by the B’org and billions of people starving either from not having enough food or not having nutritious food) and forgive us our trespasses (excuse me, no compute) (some say, and forgive us our debts, even better! no compute!!)
OK, trespass, what does that mean?
·        To commit an offense or a sin; transgress or err.
·        Law To commit an unlawful injury to the person, property, or rights of another, with actual or implied force or violence, especially to enter onto another's land wrongfully.
·        To infringe on the privacy, time, or attention of another:
Sorry, still no compute.  My power keeps me right.

6.     as we forgive those who trespass against us (no compute, their power keeps them right)   and lead us not into temptation (do we have to ask? what if this ‘father’ declines to agree? which throughout history oft seems to be the case.) but deliver us from evil (and where does this come from? Oh, I know, original sin, but I was born innocent and my power keeps me that way.)

7.      For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever.  (I would suggest taking it all back because after thousands of years, this arrangement doesn't seem to be working for the majority of us.)

Amen.  So mote it be.

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Friday, 26 October 2012

GeneWatch UK/GMF press: Monsanto Meets Ministers to Push Return of GM Crops to Britain

I attach in full an email I received yesterday which I found so interesting I thought I'd better post it to this blog.  It just goes to show that there is an Agenda that has little to do with me, nature or most of life on the planet for that matter.  Yet, it is changing life as we know it!  I asked a co-worker last evening whether she had heard of genetically modified organisms, GMOs, and she said no and didn't seem to want to know.  For more information about GMOs, please see my blog, especially here.  The Secret Agenda.  'Secret' only because people don't care to take notice.  And taxpayers are paying for it!  Also notice how indoctrination of children is to be stepped up, legal barriers brought down, and GMOs spread to more countries. 

Our food that is provided by Nature to sustain us is being genetically changed so that a few people can make money.  It is a worse attack on humanity than any war.  And it's irreversible.

full text also available at:

Monsanto Meets Ministers to Push Return of GM Crops to Britain

GeneWatch UK and GM Freeze today released documents obtained as a result of a Freedom of Information request, which reveal that the GM companies Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer and BASF are setting the agenda for UK agricultural research with a view to bringing GM crops into the UK and exporting overseas.
The companies and their industry body, the Agricultural Biotechnology Council (ABC), joined Science Minister David Willetts and Lord Taylor at a roundtable meeting on 26 June 2012 with an agenda based on the ABC’s “Growing for Growth” report. [1] Academics from UK universities, such as Reading and Edinburgh, and research institutes, such as Rothamsted Research and the John Innes Centre, were also present, along with representatives of the National Farmers Union (NFU). George Freeman MP, a strong advocate of GM crops, hosted the meeting and Roger Williams MP also attended.
The summary of the meeting, written by the ABC, an industry body, shows plans to:
  • Spend more taxpayers’ money on R&D for GM crops and on “education”.
  • Promote GM crops in developing countries.
  • Remove regulatory and political barriers.
The document states that education should include “more focus on plants and biotech on the syllabus at all levels” and describes “availability of funding for investment and education” as one of the barriers to growing GM crops. The wording suggests that the industry is looking for more taxpayers’ money to be spent on R&D for GM crops and on promoting GM crops in schools.
The document also describes UK farming as a barrier, referring to, “The structure of agriculture, which is made up of a large number of small farms looking at different sectors, which makes commercialisation difficult.” It also refers to difficulties with “regulatory barriers and political divisions at national and EU level”, an implicit reference to bans on GM crops in six EU countries and opposition to GM from the Scottish Government and Welsh Assembly Government.
Recommended action includes Government working with industry to provide an “improved” regulatory framework and more investment, while academics counter criticism from anti-GM groups and build ”better on the ground presence in Africa, perhaps by working with universities”.
Dr Helen Wallace, Director of GeneWatch UK said, "This dodgy deal shows breathtaking arrogance by Monsanto and its friends, who seem to think that British farming must be destroyed to suit their own commercial interest and British children should be brainwashed to support their business strategies.
“It is shocking that the Government has done a secret deal to promote GM in Britain and abroad when US farmers are struggling to tackle superweeds and superpests caused by growing GM crops. Ministers should not prop up this failing industry by pushing Monsanto’s propaganda in British schools at taxpayers' expense."
Pete Riley, Campaign Director of GM Freeze, said, “People at this meeting came from the publicly funded research establishments and the major biotech companies. This exposes the claim that current GM test sites are purely for the public good and not profit. It is clear that industry is hiding behind GM researchers, funded by taxpayers, in an attempt to rehabilitate GM crops that the public and Governments in Wales and Scotland have already rejected.
“There is no evidence that expensive GM tinkering with our food is needed. What is required is a political and economic process to ensure everyone has access to a balanced and affordable diet as quickly as possible from the food already available, and a clear vision of how that access to food will be maintained.”
GM crops were developed for use in large-scale monocultures in the US. The monopoly control of a small number of companies, such as Monsanto, over seed, using controversial GM patents, has trapped farmers in North and South America into a system in which they are paying for continual seed price hikes while company profits boom. [2] At the same time farmers are using more weedkillers to tackle superweeds, which have grown resistant to the herbicides used with GM herbicide-tolerant crops, especially Monsanto’s RoundUp, and some famers in the USA are now warning European farmers not to make the same mistakes they did. [3] Pests are also becoming resistant to GM maize and cotton pest-resistant crops. [4]
There are major concerns that poor farmers in developing countries will become trapped in a cycle of poverty, unable to pay for seed price hikes and expensive chemicals, if they grow GM crops. Serious problems have already occurred with GM cotton in India and a Technical Committee reporting to India’s Supreme Court has recently recommended a ten year moratorium on field trials of many GM crops. [5]
The ABC’s PR strategy is based on getting academic scientists to promote promises of future GM crops, which provide magical solutions to complex problems, as a distraction from the actual problems experienced by farmers growing GM crops on the ground today. [6] The aim is to open up markets in Europe and developing countries to GM crops before farmers realise the problems. In a letter to the Food Standards Agency in 2009 the ABC stated, “It is important that when consumers are thinking about GM, they are considering the future as much as the present.” [7]
Calls to:
Helen Wallace, GeneWatch UK: 01298 24300 (office) or 07903 311 584 (mobile).
Pete Riley, GM Freeze: 07903 341 065.


[1] Going for Growth roundtable discussion, Tuesday, 26 June 2012, BIS Conference Centre:
[2] Friends of the Earth International, October 2012. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? An analysis of the ‘sustainable intensification’ of agriculture. (pdf 672kb) Seed prices are given in Figure 1, page 19. GM maize, soybean and cottonseed prices have increased much faster than non-GM wheat.
[3] BBC, 19 September 2012. “Agent Orange chemical in GM war on resistant weeds”.
GM crops: Farmer to Farmer
Greenpeace, October 2012. “Growing Doubt” (video, more videos on superweeds at
[4] Bloomberg. 5 September 2012. “’Mounting Evidence’ of Bug-Resistant Corn Seen by EPA
[5] New York Times, 16 October 2012. “In India, GM Crops Come at a High Price
Deccan Herald, 18 October 2012. “Panel for 10-yr halt on GM crop trials
[6] GM Freeze, October 2012. GM Nitrogen Fixing Cereals: No silver bullet. An example is the false promise of GM wheat that could fix nitrogen.
[7] ABC Recommendations for Public Engagement Steering Group, October 2009

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Survival of the Fittest in the Market Economy

I often hear people saying that human beings are subject to the survival of the fittest rule.  This phrase is attributed to Darwin’s theory of evolution or ‘natural selection’ to explain the preservation of species.  That in itself is debateable, but what I want to discuss in this article is not what Darwin meant, but what the saying means in the world today.  Why do people use this phrase?  It seems that they use it to justify competitive behaviour rooted in a monetised system otherwise known as the open 'free' market.

Take the caring industry in the UK as an example.  It is a successful business venture for many people and a viable part of the free market.  At the most extreme level, we have homes where people live who are unable to do anything for themselves.  These homes are provided by private property owners at taxpayers’ expense.  People are hired at minimum wages to “look after” the service users.  Specialists and doctors are involved.  Drugs are used to keep the service users alive as long as possible.  But for these consumers, there’s no semblance of fitness, yet in a sense, they are surviving.

So what does it mean to be a fit human being?  The general dictionary meaning is:
1.      A state of general mental and physical well-being.  Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.
2.     Biology: the extent to which an organism is adapted to or able to produce offspring in a particular environment.

I found a more in-depth explanation on the Internet which had a focus on a health-related definition that includes cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance, and flexibility; and then skills related fitness which includes agility, speed, reaction time, balance, power, amount of body fat, and co-ordination.

Some people think that fitness has more of a mental and emotional aspect to it.  After all, if you’re weak emotionally and not sharp in mind, you’re not going to survive in the ‘rat race’.  But what about survival?

At the basic level, of course, survival means staying alive.  But to what end? 
Does survival mean having your own children?  Many belief that’s all there is to it.  Just keep your specific gene pool moving along from one generation to the next and you’re a success at the survival game.  In this sense, it doesn’t matter if you die at the age of thirty, have a disability or bad health as long as you leave behind one or more children (preferably a male) to continue your bloodline.
Perhaps survival means having all the trappings of high society with expensive things, a big house, cars, jets, land, holidays, etc, etc and lots of power?

What does survival of the fittest mean in a changing natural environment?  Does it mean the ability to adapt?  A good example is how we all have lots of chemicals in our bodies that we didn’t have 100 years ago.  Are we really adapting though when the intelligence level and physical ability of our species as a whole is on a downward slope?

Another question I would ask is how do we adapt to injustice and unfair treatment by people with no empathy who do not know how to give but only take, take, take and destroy?

Market Economy
Whether you think disabled people are fit or surviving is not my point though.  The point is that the market economy is geared to encouraging the growth of unfit people.  People who have mental, physical and emotional problems are great sources and opportunities for making money and they’re very easily controlled.  In my view, it’s a leach society that is being fostered by the market economy.

Take the drug industry as an example.  It is well known that drugs cause side-effects.  They even sometimes cause babies to be born with deformities.  But rather than acknowledging these facts, information is twisted around and made to look like there is no alternative when there is a very good one.  I wrote articles about the drug therapy for cancer and an alternative natural food remedy which clearly show how harmful the drug treatment is and beneficial the natural treatment.  It is obvious that the reason drugs are prescribed is to make money and there is no money in prescribing whole nutrient-dense foods or getting people to stop exposing themselves to toxic chemicals (that are making money too).  The whole medical system is a con and the B’org of food is becoming more and more reliant on drugs.  It's a con based on the belief that the fittest survive in the market, but fittest for making money does not correlate to the fittest humans.

One last question I’d like to ask here is, of the fittest humans that are purportedly surviving in the current market economy (with personal net worth’s in the billions or even trillions), what does it mean to be human?  How much of the body needs to be biological?  How much do we need to be aware?  Do we need feelings?  These questions are fast becoming more and more important as people more frequently and to a greater degree have body parts replaced with artificial ones, people who cannot think are being artificially kept alive and cared for, and the number of people who are unable to experience joy and love are increasing, hence, my blog’s reference to the Borg in Star Trek.  As a species, we seem to be becoming more like the Borg every day, part non-biological machines, mindless and ruthless, all for the sake of the almighty dollar (money), with the excuse that it's got something to do with the survival of the fittest.

Monday, 22 October 2012

David Icke's Stuff Clarifies the B’org of Food

I recently watched a few of David Icke’s videos.  I think he explains many things very well.  In fact, what I’ve written on this blog correlates nicely with his theories because they’re about big organisation with control and manipulation by a few over the many and the resultant chain of inequities.
On this blog, I’ve written about lots of big organisation including the government denigrating organic food and it being in partnership with corporations to improve the health of the nation and asked myself, how can this be?  Well, Icke explains this with a global view that shows how it could be possible that our food is being made scarce and poisoned and is becoming ever more so.  He looks at the pyramidal structure of each B’org cube that all fit nicely together like a rubric cube with a central group that is in control of the whole thing.  Magic?  No.  But, there’s something very Borg-like about the people in control of the world.  Icke calls them reptilian.  I call then downright cold-hearted and say that they may as well be reptiles.  Besides lack of spiritual health, I’ve also talked about rampant lack of mental health on this blog.  Are some people from another dimension, another planet or universe, or are they mad?  Is it a genetic deformity?  I’d like to think we’re all in this together, but I have trouble understanding the lack of empathy in some people.
If you’ve been wondering about things like the above and haven’t checked out David Icke’s website yet, follow this link and/or have a look at a few David Icke videos of many:
David Icke - Free your mind false identity belief systems & the non comply dance  (“You must comply” is a favourite saying of the Borg!)