Monday, 22 October 2012

David Icke's Stuff Clarifies the B’org of Food

I recently watched a few of David Icke’s videos.  I think he explains many things very well.  In fact, what I’ve written on this blog correlates nicely with his theories because they’re about big organisation with control and manipulation by a few over the many and the resultant chain of inequities.
On this blog, I’ve written about lots of big organisation including the government denigrating organic food and it being in partnership with corporations to improve the health of the nation and asked myself, how can this be?  Well, Icke explains this with a global view that shows how it could be possible that our food is being made scarce and poisoned and is becoming ever more so.  He looks at the pyramidal structure of each B’org cube that all fit nicely together like a rubric cube with a central group that is in control of the whole thing.  Magic?  No.  But, there’s something very Borg-like about the people in control of the world.  Icke calls them reptilian.  I call then downright cold-hearted and say that they may as well be reptiles.  Besides lack of spiritual health, I’ve also talked about rampant lack of mental health on this blog.  Are some people from another dimension, another planet or universe, or are they mad?  Is it a genetic deformity?  I’d like to think we’re all in this together, but I have trouble understanding the lack of empathy in some people.
If you’ve been wondering about things like the above and haven’t checked out David Icke’s website yet, follow this link and/or have a look at a few David Icke videos of many:
David Icke - Free your mind false identity belief systems & the non comply dance  (“You must comply” is a favourite saying of the Borg!)