Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bayer: From Aspirin to Heroin to Yasmin

I recently came across some information about one famous drug company in The Biggest Secret by David Icke, Bayer, the creator of heroin, which Icke mentions in the chapter about the deliberate intoxication of the masses with drugs. This got my attention, not least because a brother-in-law was addicted to heroin.

I wrote an article with information about how drug companies use marketing to sell their wares which has absolutely nothing to do with health or the claims they make. I also wrote an article about GlaxoSmithKline being prosecuted for this recently, but what still seems to elude many people is how this is actually the norm with medications and drugs, not the odd one off.

So back to Bayer, the company well-known for its aspirin and not so well-known, heroin, the drug well-known for ruining lives. Both drugs are used to kill pain, but pain is not all they kill. I’ll leave aspirin for another article, but here’s a little information about heroin.

Friedrich Bayer & Co registered a trademark for heroin in 1898. The word heroin comes from the Greek hero and may have been chosen because of the user feeling “heroic” under its influence. It was marketed as a substitute for morphine and was used in cough suppressants. It was available without a prescription back then and was advertised as a “non-addictive morphine substitute”. But, of course, we all now know that heroin is extremely addictive.

I always thought that heroin was just an illegal drug, but now know that it’s also one that is prescribed by doctors, under the name of diamorphine. Heroin is made by adding two acetyl groups to the morphine molecule found in the opium poppy. This chemical is converted to morphine in the body. Diamorphine is used as a pain reliever for people who have had heart attacks and other severe injuries, caesarean section (birth by surgery, another controversial topic) and in palliative care.

In the UK, heroin is a Class A drug under The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, possession of which can land one with a seven year prison sentence plus a fine and supplying can get one a life sentence plus fine. However, under The Medicines Act 1968, doctors are allowed to prescribe heroin and a pharmacist can legally supply it. The only difference in the product is the name, the quality and the supplier.

Pain is big money. The more of it and the more extreme it is the better for the corporations such as Bayer. Does anyone really think transnational pharmaceutical companies have the reduction of pain in consumers as their goal?

Wikipedia quotes the Merck Manual of Home Health Handbook - 2nd edition, 2003, p. 2097 to say that “unadulterated heroin does not cause many long-term complications other than dependence and constipation.” However, I cannot see how this can be true and would refer the reader to an article called The Pharmacological Effects of Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) After Diffusion Through the Blood-Brain Barrier in which it says that “The central nervous system is disrupted and its messages to the rest of the body affect muscles. These muscles responses to the messages cause harm to the respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, and digestive systems. ... Long-term effects seen from the use of the chemical are collapsed veins, liver disease, pulmonary complications, kidney disease, heart problems, respiratory complications, and addiction.” Complications?  Nah!

Another issue with taking heroin is that it suppresses various cell-mediated immune pathways (natural killer cell activity –this gets killed)making the user more vulnerable to infections, especially from viruses and intracellular bacteria. Studies conclude “that nucleus accumbens dopamine D1 receptors are critically involved in heroin-induced immune alterations” and“heroin use impairs CD56+ T cell-mediated innate immune function”.

Finally, users will experience gastrointestinal disturbances with symptoms of nausea, vomiting and constipation. This in itself is disastrous for the health of the user since we get out nutrition that keeps us well through our gut.

I wonder how many of the millions of illegal heroin addicts got addicted by legal administration. And I wonder how many legal heroin addicts there are. No matter what way you look at it, opium production is big business. Icke says that “the Far East heroin trade is still organised by the Freemasons through their interconnected agents, the Triads. These are the Mafia of the Far East and increasingly the Western World also...” (p. 285). However it’s organised, poppy production for heroin is big business and anyone using this drug is a casualty of the war going on for its control, which, by the way, has nothing to do with the war against drugs, that is just a smokescreen.

One sure sign of this war is that the poppy is being genetically modified for the pharmaceutical industry. GM is an expensive procedure and only done when there’s money to be made. But also, GM is the ultimate control because of patents.

Bayer’s website says: Bayer: Science for a Better Life, but we really have to ask, Better for Who? It’s definitely not better for me and anyone else as far as I can see. Using David Icke’s theory, I would guess that it’s better for the reptilian aliens from another dimension that shape-shift in human form and control the world as we know it. They make money out of the deal and I suppose that makes their lives better, although I'm not really sure about that one either. But it’s as good a theory as any other I’ve heard lately.

Also, if anyone thinks that Bayer is better than it was 100 years ago, please think again. The drugs they make today are just as or even more toxic than the ones used back then. All we have to do is look at the side effects. And they’re messing with our food supply too under the name of Bayer Crop Science! “Convenience foods are the trend. They require seamless cooperation in the value chain – from seed to plant and from distribution to the chiller section in the supermarket.” If you eat the food made from the crops manipulated by Bayer, you will end up needing their medicine. For an impressive list of the chemicals produced by Bayer, click here.

And to conclude, Yasmin is a contraception drug manufactured by Bayer. Contraceptives are a primary cause of disruption to the gut, which can lead to disease and dysfunction. Are these side effects better than those for heroin? Mmm ... at least you get high on heroin. With decreased sex drive, it's unlikely the user will get any pleasure while taking the pill! To top it off, side effects only begin to reveal the true damage caused by drugs and not all are disclosed by any stretch of the imagination.    Here are the side effects for Yasmin from the NetDoctor:
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Headache/migraine.
  • Breast tenderness, enlargement.
  • Weight changes.
  • Retention of water in the body tissues (fluid retention).
  • Vaginal thrush (candidiasis). (a sure sign that the bacterial flora in the gut is out of balance)
  • Change in menstrual bleeding.
  • Menstrual spotting or breakthrough bleeding.
  • Depression.
  • Skin reactions.
  • Decreased sex drive.
  • Rise in blood pressure.
  • Irregular brown patches on the skin, usually of the face (chloasma).
  • Steepening of corneal curvature which may make contact lenses uncomfortable.
  • Disturbance in liver function.
  • Gallstones.
  • Blood clots in the blood vessels (eg, DVT, pulmonary embolism, heart attack, stroke - see warnings above).
When it comes to drugs, all of them, illegal or legal, the slogan, JUST SAY NO, is usually the best advice. And watch out for foods manipulated by the B’org of Food too!