Friday, 30 November 2012

The B’org is all about ET

Whether you believe in one God (see The B’org’s Prayer), or Reptilian aliens from another dimension (see David Icke), scientific evidence, or don’t know what to believe anymore, there are some things that are quite clear to me, and they are not for the benefit of anyone on our planet Earth.
Take GM for one example.  I just got an email from GM Freeze with this statement: “Huge investments for genetically modifying wheat have been made by the BBSRC (grant to Rothamsted Research’s Wheat 20:20 project) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (US$10 million grant to the John Innes Centre for research into GM nitrogen fixing cereals).”
As the name implies, GM Freeze is supposed to be about halting the advancement of genetically modified organisms.  However, they don’t seem to be getting anywhere but rather are slipping in their stance with statements such as this “warning that governments and scientists not rely too heavily (my emphasis) on wheat genetics to improve food security.”  GM is a farce (to put it politely).  GM has absolutely nothing to do with food security, at least not on Earth.  Which makes me wonder on what planet’s behalf this research is being conducted (see my article about GM potatoes called Two-Faced, Half-Baked Scam).
Could GM be important for another planet?  Let’s take space exploration for another example.  I ask the question:  What good does space exploration do for me or the average person in the street (so to speak)?  To be honest, I know I could live a perfectly happy life without it.  And personally, I’d prefer to spend the money on providing the people on this planet with a peaceful, good wholesome life than using up the Earth’s resources to “find life somewhere else”.  OK, I can understand the curiosity, but not THE Curiosity, the Mars Science lab, at least not with the condition that we find our home, Earth.
Science is an interesting form of religion.  In the fourth episode of Dara O’Briain’s Science Club, a few more clues as to what is really going on came to light and the rest of this article is about this show.  In the program it is mentioned that fat people are desirable because they can travel in space without food by living off their reserves and astronauts are 30% more likely to get cancer while in space.  Is it just a coincidence that the food being pushed on the Earth’s inhabitants from the so-called advanced civilisations cause obesity and cancer?  Or is this to benefit space exploration in some way?  I’m open to suggestions to explain why the food in supermarkets is becoming more and more dangerous to our health.  I made a video to say that Supermarkets are Designed to Malnourish Us.  But the maker of the video was too kind with this title.  They are really designed to make us fat, make us ill, even deformed, and make us die miserably and often prematurely.
The cosmologist, Martin Reese was a guest on O’Briain’s show.  I wrote a review about his book, Our Final Century in which he says “humankind will remain vulnerable so long as it stays confined here on Earth.”  This is the mentality that is fuelling the destruction of our planet.  It’s like never washing the dishes and buying more and more and then saying you have to move because there’s no place to put any more dirty dishes and the place is uninhabitable.  What is driving the B’org?  I keep thinking it is pure madness.  Perhaps we are all mad and should concentrate on recovering with Simple Food Remedies and The One Straw Revolution.  That’s my choice.
Reese said in the program that he would volunteer for a one-way voyage to Mars.  What?  Leave the beautiful Earth for the barren inhospitable Mars for your final days?  Does that sound sane to you?  Maybe if I read the books he recommends I would understand this better: Last and First Man and Starmaker, both by Olaf Stapleton.  I’ll let you know.
A comment was made in the program that we are shifting to more peaceable behaviour and I would like to point out that this is total rubbish.  Not only is there armed, violent conflict going on all over the planet, there is covert destruction happening everywhere.  Nature and every living creature, but especially mankind is being attacked daily by chemicals, EMF, and other mod cons.
This quote was in the program:
In the deepest sense the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is a search for ourselves (Carl Sagan).
I’m searching for intelligence on this planet first and finding it very hard to locate much, especially in those who "govern and are in charge".
Finally, but certainly not least, near the end of the program (at 47.25), when Dara is commenting on the noise of a low flying airplane disturbing the broadcast, he says “I would laugh if we were marched into slavery by our alien overlords”.  He would?  I certainly wouldn’t and to be honest it seems that we are very close to it already.  It’s far from funny.  And what made him say such a thing?  What is he thinking about?!
This reminded me of a serial program I watched as a child called My Favorite Martian.  I would view it with a whole new perspective now.
What a trip!
Executive Producer: Andrew Cohen
Editor: Nigel Paterson
Photo credit provided by IAC (reminds me of the photo of Uncle Sam pointing with the caption I Want You For U.S. Army.  Today, a similar poster would read, I Want You For B’org.  My Favorite Martian, the U.S. Army, the B'org, they're all about ET!  Please also remember not to watch too much TV, at least without being on guard to avoid being assimilated in this way (the most common way is money though).