Saturday, 10 November 2012

The B'org Mindfulness

I was recently directed to the website of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and its information about mindfulness, click here for a short video.  Harvard Pilgrim’s Mind the Moment program encourages people to be fully aware in the present.  Sounds good, right?

But looking a little further into the website, I soon found a lot of information about drugs and wonder whether the doctors at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care are mindful of anything other than pushing drugs.  Members either have a 3-tier or 4-tier prescription program with which to buy, wait a minute for this ... Preventative Drugs!!!  And the list is not short!  Hundreds of them!!!  The possiblities of what your doctor can prescribe here are endless when you think of the unlimited number of combinations you could get.

Interesting name too, Harvard, which reminds one of the ivy league university (very authoritative and scholastic with research on meditation) and Pilgrim which conjures images of wholesome, courageous settlers (or maybe forging the way to the new world order with everyone on drugs is what the vision is here).

I watched another video recently called Openhand: 5 Gateways Documentary, “detailing the five key expansions of consciousness on our Journey of Enlightenment and Ascension” which I did not find very enlightening, but rather, found some of it disturbing.  The reason I mention it though is because at 106:48 there is a shot of a picture on the wall of a horrible looking creature with “Illumination” printed underneath.  It looks like the face of death with a black hood.  What does it mean?

Illumination reminds me of the Illuminati.  If you’re not familiar with the Illuminati, I would strongly suggest looking at David Icke’s website or reading one or two of his books.  I’ve been wondering just how far the hidden, covert programming goes with the stuff on television and the Internet.  We’re being programmed by much of it in a way that I call being assimilated.  Comply.  Obey. Do what you’re told.  Consume.  Follow the leader. And so on.

What I’m finding a lot lately is that things that are good for opening our outlook on life and promoting good health are being twisted and used to lure us into more deception and dependence.  Like I’ve said before on this blog, the B’org are not stupid, far from it and they use every trick in the book to con people and assimilate them.  Be ever wary.  Remember that the B'org mindfulness is the hive mind.  They don't care how you connect as long as you do and they're more than happy to cater to different styles.

Photo credit: How to do Mindful Meditation.