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The Pet bin Laden Scapegoat and the Rule of Law

Updated on 26 February 2019 with a few lost links to references only:

I previously had a link to a short David Icke video about Osama bin laden on 21 March 2013, but unfortunately, it is no longer available online. But his book about 9/11 is available on Amazon and it is called "Alice and Wonderland and the World Trade Center disaster: Why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie" (see here for link).

Remember The Pet Goat story (sorry, but the link I had is no longer valid) that George W Bush was reading in a classroom in Florida while the World Trade Center Towers were blowing up on September 11, 2001?  The one about the pet goat that hit a man in his bottom to avert a car being stolen?  If not, do look into it.  In any event, I mention this because after watching a 4 on D documentary called Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill (no longer available online), I noticed an incredible likeness between the goat in the story and Osama bin Laden, from his goat-like beard and liking caves to destroying property and being disliked by a property owner.  Unfortunately, bin Laden didn’t get to save a car in the end, but rather was a scapegoat for lots of murders and mayhem with which he may have had nothing whatsoever to do.  Or did he save "the car"?  Read on.  At the very least, he was charged with criminal offences but never brought to court to answer them.

The programme, which originally aired on 7 September 2011, was a Hollywood shoot'em dead ‘cowboys and Indians’ style documentary (which was portrayed as being THE TRUTH).  Whether true or not, it was a reminder of the pure lawlessness involved in this episode that occurred on 2 May 2011.  It was done in the name of "truth, justice and the American way" (Superman - more fiction!).  How would you feel if this was done to you?  Do you have any empathy?  Here are some of the issues I noticed:
·      In the documentary it showed that people were killed in an invasion of private property in a foreign country by the US military in total secrecy.
·     Due process dwindled to the point of being non-existent.
·    There were no legal proceedings in a court of law.
·    Where was the rule of law?  The Patriot Act?  Where is the law that is supposed to protect individual rights from the state, whether local or international.
·   Because of the dodgy rule of law behind these actions, the US arguably acted in an unconstitutional manner.  In other words, it acted ultra vires, outside its allocated powers, at least as far as any sane, intelligent person would describe them.
·     There was no setting out of charges before execution.  And he was never formally charged with 9/11 (see interesting article in International Business Times here).
·     No chance of an appeal.
·     They say they got the right man, Osama bin Laden, but they weren’t certain when the man thought to be him was shot dead.  Also, how do we know it really was him except to take their word?
·     One man, president of one country for a term of eight years, was judge, jury and executioner.  That’s the current US President, Obama (Osama, Obama, strange similarity).
·     It was highly publicised that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but scientific evidence continues to emerge to show that the US government was complicit in these attacks.  It is said that he confessed in a video, but there is much controversy over the authenticity of this evidence.  To get up to speed on the 9/11 developments, please see my article called 911 B’org Emergency.
·     The people that were attacked by the US military on this day were unarmed and minding their own business.  They were murdered in cold blood.
· We are told that there was a massive amount of evidence seized that would incriminate those killed, or at least bin Laden.  But it wasn’t brought before the public or scrutinised by a court of law.  Again, we have to take their word for it.  That is, we have to take the word of those who lied about 9/11.
·   All we got is a Hollywood-style programme with lots of shooting, bombing, screaming and pathetic references to being safe and successful in the end.
Bin Laden today, who is next tomorrow?  Do you think it couldn’t possibly be you?  Why?  When there is no longer the rule of law, there is no longer democracy or protection from unbridled governmental power.  Under these circumstances, Anyone and EVERYONE is fair game.  Trust me, I’m a solicitor (albeit non-practicing).

Of course, this is all highly relevant to this blog because the same rule of law as described in this article applies to the production and supply of food.  Basically, the B’org of Food is getting away with what amounts to cold blooded murder as I’ve written about and will keep writing about.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

How to Build a Bionic B’org Man

How to Build a Bionic Man is a Darlow Smithson Production in association with Smithsonian Networks and Wellcome Trust that aired on Channel 4 on 7 February 2013.
I just happen to have written about the Wellcome Trust on my Simple Food Remedies blog.  I wrote about how the trust developed with aggressive marketing techniques that were used to push drugs, and the use of cloned animals for research.  I called the article Frankenstein Trust based on that knowledge alone, but this program showed that science is going a lot further with many references to Frankenstein.
I just want to make a quick point here.  If you consider how the government lied about 9/11 which I explain in my article called 911 B’org Emergency, and consider how democracy is being eroded not least with legislation that has been enacted in the US (Patriot Act) and UK (Terrorism Act) since 9/11, you may begin to see the other side of all this research as I do.
Research on artificial body parts is NOT for the benefit of people who want to extend their lives a little, for the soldiers who lost limbs in combat, or for those like the narrator of the program born without a limb.  That is being naive to take such a narrow, personal, short sighted view.  Individuals may benefit, but it is only a coincidence.  The research is being done for a bigger picture.  For starters, as mentioned in the program, the military is a big funder of this research.  The other bulk of the funding comes from very wealthy people who want nothing more than to protect their wealth.
It’s like saying GM (genetically modified) food is being developed to Feed the World.  It’s not.  It’s to feed the upper echelon, what I call the B’org (big organisation), David Icke and many others call the Illuminati or others understand simply as the billionaires and transnational corporations who never cease in their quest to make more money.  GM has been around for awhile now, but the number of those starving has not changed much.  What has changed is the number of people who have food to eat that does not nourish them (in other words, junk food) and who succumb to diet related diseases such as diabetes, obesity and mental illness (depression being a big one).  There’re lots more of them today and the number continues to grow.
Then there's the micro chip that was discussed in the program.  It is supposed to enhance brain function and improve/replace memory such as in the case of Alzheimer’s disease.  How much easier can it get to control the masses?  And think about the police/military as bionic super beings.  What chance would normal biological peoples have for freedom then?
Many people in the program said they did not know about the ethical implications of their work.  I think it’s simple.  Just image what the technology can be used for in an evil fashion and that’s what it will likely end up being used for.  I’d like to repeat here about 9/11.  The US government right up to the president, George W Bush, was complicit in the controlled demolitions of the three WTC buildings and the bombing of the Pentagon that killed thousands of working people.  Bush said that the people who did it were unimaginably evil (see my article).  These evil people haven't gone away.
The B’org is materialising before our very eyes.  It will assimilate us, destroy us and turn us all into slaves.  It will be serving madness. Perhaps it's already gone too far?

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

911 B’org Emergency

It’s so unbelievable, it’s unbelievable.

Update on March 14, 2019: and the unbelievability continues! Besides a few minor changes, I have deleted links that no longer work.

They just blew up the twin towers in front of everybody and then got us all to believe in a cockamamie story including:

·        aluminium planes were able to penetrate the steel frames of the towers that were designed to withstand such an impact;

·        fires from the fuel in the planes caused the rest of the frames to melt causing the buildings to freefall;

·        the 46-story building, WTC 7, that was hardly mentioned in the news, also collapsed at free fall speed because of fires that spread from the towers;

·        a bunch of Islamic fanatics with a leader that lived in caves were able to outsmart the US billion dollar defence system, four times on the same day!  (After 9/11, the defence system spending was increased by $48 billion to $379 billion (Icke, p 113, see below)); and

·        nobody in the government had an inkling that this could possibly happen, never mind that it was being planned (for years).

Does this sound intriguing?  I’ve put together lots of stuff on 9/11 with the worst evidence I’ve ever published on this blog that the B’org is out of control.  They’ve been dialing 911 for years.  I start out with a little book review, continue with other information I have come across lately, and end with a lot of links to Youtube videos.  Check it out and then pass it on.

I’ve just finished reading David Icke’s book Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster, Why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie (2002) which I found very enjoyable despite the unsettling topic.  I would recommend this well researched book.  It reads well.  In it, David discusses U.S. government officials including the president, George W. Bush and the events leading up to September 11th 2001, on the day, and afterwards.  David gives good evidence to show outright lies.  Out of chaos, order ... the New World Order. 

In his book, David discusses the real agenda behind 9/11 and the events which killed and maimed a lot of civilians in the US, especially New York City, and traumatized the world.  He gives some evidence of the Bush family’s known involvement in this crime as well as their other crimes such as big time drug trafficking, and the criminal goings-on of other pivotal persons such as Dick Cheney.  He gives evidence of how history keeps repeating itself during the last century, including the disaster in Waco, Texas, the Pearl Harbor bombing, and Operation Northwoods.  He discusses anomalies in the hijackings such as evidence that the people who should have been averting the situation were seemingly taking part in it.  He gives clear information about the hijackers which shows that they couldn’t fly a small plane never mind a commercial jet airliner and other absurdities.  Then he goes into more political details and connects a lot of dots to give a very clear picture: Bin Laden didn’t do it. In fact, he couldn’t have if he wanted to.  He was what David calls “a stooge”.

David  talks and writes about the Illuminati, persons who are conspiring to develop a new world order with a central bank, government, police force, etc etc to control the masses to the Illuminati’s materialistic benefit.  He points out that 9/11 was the “problem” that got a big “reaction” that led to the implementation of the “solution”.  The solution being the murders and maiming of lots people in Afghanistan, imprisoning and torturing lots of people without charge, tighter surveillance of Americans, and generally further erosion of democracy.

To be honest, I never thought much about 9/11 before.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to face the horribleness of it.  I’m from Manhattan and one of my sister’s partner was nearby the towers on that day, having breakfast instead of being in work in one of them, so the issue is pretty close.  I’ve spoken to some people recently who don’t want to revisit the episode and still believe the Official Story (set out in the Myth videos that I mention further below).  David’s book got me interested in this and I found lots more information online and share some here together with some more of my thoughts on the whole thing.

Criminals always want to confess

From my education and my experience, I make the observation that the drama with Bush in the classroom, is actually a confession.  Criminals always want to confess, one way or another, even in America where the popular perception is that criminals hide under the “right to silence”.  Confessing is a psychological pre-disposition of humans (even the human side of the B’org/Illuminati) as social biological animals in an attempt to regain balance and equilibrium with the world/universe.

From the words repeated by the children: “kite, hit, steal (sounds the same as steel), playing (sounds like plane), must,” and the teacher saying “get ready” during this recital and then to the story about a pet goat, it is clear that the whole thing was orchestrated to convey a message and I don't think it was an alibi.  The message I got, at least in part, is that “the criminal” must attack again.  So it looks like a confession was given while the event was occurring by whoever organised it.  But don’t look at George.  He looks like another stooge to me.

How can the behavior of Bush be explained and understood?  Was he mind controlled?  Was he possessed?  Was he just hardwired by conditioning? Was he brainwashed?  Was he simply “sick in the head” like many of the men in power as shown in a study with high-level British executives and criminal psychiatric patients at Broadmoor Hospital in the UK? (see my article B’org Mentality) Could it be he was high on some drug(s)? Maybe he was hypnotized?  Or like David Icke suggests, is he really a reptilian from the fourth dimension shape shifted in human form and part of a long blood line of alien human cross-breading? 

What I also want to know is why was Bush in the classroom at all when as explained by David on page 179 of the above-mentioned book, he already knew about the destruction to the north tower?  And why was Bush not ushered out of the classroom in order to deal with “the news” of the attack on the south tower?  Why on earth was it whispered in his ear in front of everyone, including a camera?  I’ve never seen such a thing before or after.  The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind.  It was obviously done to convey a message.

The teacher, Mrs Sandra Daniels of Emma E. Booker Elementary school at Sarasota, Florida had these other things to say:

“Get ready to read all these words on this page without making a mistake.”
“Sound it out, get ready.”  (Reminds me of the military marching cadence Sound Off (the Duckworth Chant).  The class was very militant with the teacher tapping on the podium and all.

“Read these words the fast way.”

“Look at the letter at the end and remember the sound that it makes.” (WHY?)

What are the letters at the end of the words?  They are E T L G T.  Does this mean something?  (Sound out the letters: eee tee el gee tee.  Remember the sounds: eh te  eel nng st.)  I’ll leave it to the language/word experts to ponder.

She also said: “If the yellow papers want to bother you, drop it.”
Strange language.  Did this mean something relevant to the atrocities?

There’s a partial analysis of the words online, and although I’m not sure I follow the reasoning, it does make for a clear orderly result as follows:

“ORDER must be formed out of CHAOS - ORDO AB CHAO [maxim/motto of the ILLUMINATI (i.e. Senior Freemasonry)] The next word [for FREEMASONS is the number 4 (square)] after “KITE” - so “PLANE” must come next in this purported puzzle! The following word [for FREEMASONS is the number 5 (pentagram)] after “PLANE” must come the word "MUST"... so the words MUST read as follows:

iii) MUST
iv) HIT

A “KITE PLANE” is a radio-controlled plane - controlled from the ground.”

Kite plane must hit steel.  Amazingly relevant to the day’s events don’t you think?  Coincidence?  But there was evidence that the plane crashes were not actually radio-controlled but illusionary (on the TV screen but not in reality). This is possible because the World Trade Center buildings were actually demolished with explosives.

E E T T L, perhaps this means something?  (Sound it out: Eee...eee teeeee te le phone home?)

Next, let’s go to the story the children read to President Bush after he knew that the second tower had already been “hit”.  He was reading "The Pet Goat" which was published in the “Reading Mastery” series in 1995 by SRA, the Scientific Research Association, a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill, “a corporation which has a multi-billion dollar stake in Global industry companies such as Platts (energy), Standards and Poor’s (finance), Business Week (media), and appropriately named Construction (construction)” .  I’m sure it could be further analysed but for brevity’s sake, I’ll jump to the last sentence that says the criminal did not smile and was sore.  Maybe I over analyse everything, but  why that story?  It could’ve been any story. So here's my analysis.

The criminal is sore.  The B’org is sore.  The Illuminati is sore.  Are you sore?  I’m not.  After all the hard times that I’ve been through in my life and see in the world, I’m not sore.  My back may sometimes be sore, but I’m not sore.  You see, the criminal in the children’s book did not say his butt was sore after the goat hit him there.  No.  He said he was sore.  It’s like being annoyed, and with an ulterior motive lurking, holding a grudge.  Being sore may even be the forerunner to creating an emergency.  At any rate, it’s negative with the possibility of imminent negativity growth.

Goats, Symbols and Medals of Honor
Then there’s the fact that the book is about a goat and the devil is often portrayed as goat-like, as in Baphomet and the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes (Freemasons). The goat is portrayed as the hero.  He saves the car from a criminal.  But think about it.  The goat saves a material possession, and he saves it by using force.  It’s all about consumerism, the value of material wealth and defending it with force.  What do the people in power value most (besides power)?  Material wealth.  Not health or emotional/spiritual well-being. Not love, peace or relaxation.  Not nature or our beloved planet.  Not anything but material wealth, and in particular, that which is controlled by man and given a high monetary value.  There’s more to this goat story though as evidenced from this American website about The Hidden Power Behind Freemasonry and I quote:

“Every bit as staggering is the fact that the central symbol of the CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR, this nation's highest military award for bravery, is the pentagram. The five pointed inverted star, within a circle is the highest form of Satanic expression, representing BAPHOMET, THE GOAT OF MENDES, or the embodiment of LUCIFER as god!

Of course, nearby the main part of Washington, D.C. is one of the famous and distinctly shaped buildings in America, the PENTAGON. Although most recognize the Pentagon as the nerve center of our nation's defense establishment; few realize that the Pentagon itself is a geometric design used in magic and witchcraft as well.
The Pentagon is also one of the two secret symbols of the highest levels of Freemasonry, the ANCIENT AND ILLUMINATED SEERS OF BAVARIA (aka the Illuminati) - the other being the Pentagram. It may be observed that every pentagram has a pentagon within it; and that every proper pentagram can fit perfectly point-to-point within a pentagon.” 

And let's remember that the Pentagon was another target on 9/11!

Believing in Liars
What does the official story about 9/11 and the official advice about cholesterol have in common?  They’re both utter lies.

At 136.56, in the feature length documentary called Zero, an investigation into 9/11, George W. Bush is shown saying: “It’s hard for America to imagine how evil the people are who are doing this.” You know, he’s right.  And not only America.

This is a bit of a deviation from the plot but as my blog is all about food (and the other side of food, drugs), I have to take advantage of this story to make a point about food.  The people (if you can call them that) that planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks are the same ones you believe when you’re told that fat (from animals) and salt (including natural sea salt which is vital for health) are bad for health, and sugar, caffeine and alcohol (if taken in moderation) which are chemicals that disrupt the normal functioning of the body and mind even in moderation, are good for health.  They’re the ones that push the medical profession to maim and kill with drugs and surgery in the name of healthcare.  They’re the ones that push spraying our food with chemicals, genetically modifying it, pumping imprisoned, cloned farm animals full of drugs, and using nano-technology to further tinker with our sustenance.

Myth is a polite word to use when describing the official story of what happened on September 11, 2001.  The following video in three parts (total time about 30 minutes) breaks down the official story to show how it was a myth, or more accurately, all blatant lies, and who was in charge (at least on one level) of these attacks on that day.

Mit 11 września (The 9/11 Myth) 1/3: All the World’s a Stage

Mit 11 września (The 9/11 Myth) 3/3 

Dick Cheney was in charge of all NORAD orders from the command bunker under the white house.”  On the morning of September 11, 2001, the US military was involved in no less than five war game exercises which included targeting prominent US buildings (see 911 Ripple Effect).  It has been said that those involved couldn’t separate the war games from reality.

I’ve previously written about cholesterol which is vital for health and would recommend my article Natural Treatment for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma & Cancer in General for a brief rundown on it.  Cholesterol is important for good health and I would highly recommend Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book called Put Your Heart in Your Mouth which includes an excellent professional review of the subject.

War OF Terrorism

“He Never Even Had A Kite” (Mohamed Atta’s father)

It’s the war against terrorism alright, but not as you’ve been led to know it.  First of all, the politicians that have declared this war have actually waged a war OF terrorism.  They represent the very people and institutions that are supposed to be concerned about our welfare, but instead are attacking us with atrocities such as 9/11.  But every day we are under attack.  We are being attacked through our food, the air we breathe, the water supply, and in the products we buy.  They’re all toxic to one degree or another because they contain chemicals that erode our bodies and minds, chemicals that cause degenerative diseases, obesity, deformities, cancer, mental illness, etc etc.

The horror of what has been done in other countries in this so-called war on terrorism is beyond belief, both to the nationals and the soldiers.
911 is the number to dial in case of an emergency in New York.  The B’org, aka the Illuminati, is obviously trying to let us know that they’re in trouble by having orchestrated this event on 9/11 (September 11th) and the war of terrorism.

Take Responsibility
Pull yourself together and take responsibility for what really matters.

I knew there was something unbelievable about the 9/11 events back in 2001.  When I first heard the news, I couldn’t believe it.  But then I accepted the official story out of convenience, even though, as I see now, it’s an absurdity.  When I look at the two towers coming down in videos (some links below), it is so obvious that they were demolished with explosives.  But for all these years I blocked it from my mind.  I thought it was useless to think about it because I couldn’t do anything about it.  Well, at the end of David Icke’s book about 9/11, he explains that we are not the powerless people the Illuminati (those in power who I call the B’org) would have us believe.  He says that we are infinite consciousness.  The way I understand this is to acknowledge that we are capable of experiencing infinite thoughts, feelings and emotions.  We are capable of infinite knowledge and knowledge is power.  What’s the logical conclusion?  We are capable of exercising an infinite power.  We’ve got the power.  Don’t give it away, not even in prayer (see The B’org’s Prayer to see how Christians do this).

Here are some more interesting links that I had the chance to look into and would recommend:

A rundown on the coincidental numbers of this attack on the WTC. Perhaps this is relevant, perhaps not, but it has taken me 11 years to become aware of most of what I’ve written in this article.

JEROME HAUER, Managing Director of Kroll Associates the security firm guarding the WTC in 2001 (while they were rigging the buildings with nano-thermite for controlled demolition as explained by Dr Jones in this excellent short news report of a Danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust (with English subtitles, he mentions the highly visible pallets needed to cart the stuff in the buildings).  Hauer was also National Security Advisor with the National Institue of Health and Acting Assistant Secretary for the  Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness (OPHP) within the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) during the Anthrax scare.  He was a director of Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals beginning in 2004 (now Harbor Therapeutics a subsidiary of Harbor Diversified which I’d guess has something to do with Hollis getting fired).  According timesunion.com his current position is state commissioner of the New York State Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services.  So he’s now in charge of safeguarding the whole of NYS when he couldn’t even safeguard a few buildings in one borough of NYC.  Go figure.

BELIEVE YOUR OWN EYES (link to this video no longer works), plus also by the same Youtuber, Destruction Park I and Part II about how the WTC was nuked and there were NO plane CRASHES except on TV.

One nation under siege (feature length video)

911 Ripple Effect (feature length video)

9/11 Clues Everyone Missed (short video about early news reports)
Contrary to what Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset said in the 2012 Newest 9/11 Documentary about how the WTC buildings were demolished, I think it is worth looking for the perpetrators of 9/11.  We can know who they are.  There is no time limit on murder investigations.  It’s a massive job, but as many around the world are saying, it must be done.  Instead of spending trillions on waging a heartless, mindless, brutal, never-ending war, I want the money to be spent on exposing the people responsible for the World Trade Center disaster.  Also, I want to spend it on getting back to nature and away from money, which means away from the cities and back to the land.  Otherwise, we are continually bordering on being accomplices in our own doom.  It would appear that money really is the root of all evil.  There’s more money in the world today, and by George (Bush), there’s more evil.

911 ... it’s an emergency call ... please help now.  David Icke says that all we need is love.  Besides looking at the sorry state the world is in and the direction we continue to follow, I’ve read a lot and know that this is not as easy as it sounds.  I wrote an article two years ago after a Retreat called Positive Vision No. 5: Living Harmless in which I discuss the interrelationship of all life and the oneness of everything.  We need to stand up for ourselves with our infinite power in a peaceful manner.  We also need to be true to ourselves.  If we do these things, we'll be positive and even happy.  For more tips, see How to Boost the Happy Hormone Naturally.  Happy people are loving people and vice versa.  Another popular article along these lines is my Positive Vision No. 1: Spread of the mmm Factor.

We need to resolve this issue, hopefully before another catastrophe is orchestrated.

Photo credit 1: from the Belfast Telegraph article, Blair tells Chilcot that Twin Towers attack was turning point in policy towards Saddam, dated 29 January 2010.  They’re still using this one!

Photo credit 2: my pet goat image