Sunday, 24 February 2013

How to Build a Bionic B’org Man

How to Build a Bionic Man is a Darlow Smithson Production in association with Smithsonian Networks and Wellcome Trust that aired on Channel 4 on 7 February 2013.
I just happen to have written about the Wellcome Trust on my Simple Food Remedies blog.  I wrote about how the trust developed with aggressive marketing techniques that were used to push drugs, and the use of cloned animals for research.  I called the article Frankenstein Trust based on that knowledge alone, but this program showed that science is going a lot further with many references to Frankenstein.
I just want to make a quick point here.  If you consider how the government lied about 9/11 which I explain in my article called 911 B’org Emergency, and consider how democracy is being eroded not least with legislation that has been enacted in the US (Patriot Act) and UK (Terrorism Act) since 9/11, you may begin to see the other side of all this research as I do.
Research on artificial body parts is NOT for the benefit of people who want to extend their lives a little, for the soldiers who lost limbs in combat, or for those like the narrator of the program born without a limb.  That is being naive to take such a narrow, personal, short sighted view.  Individuals may benefit, but it is only a coincidence.  The research is being done for a bigger picture.  For starters, as mentioned in the program, the military is a big funder of this research.  The other bulk of the funding comes from very wealthy people who want nothing more than to protect their wealth.
It’s like saying GM (genetically modified) food is being developed to Feed the World.  It’s not.  It’s to feed the upper echelon, what I call the B’org (big organisation), David Icke and many others call the Illuminati or others understand simply as the billionaires and transnational corporations who never cease in their quest to make more money.  GM has been around for awhile now, but the number of those starving has not changed much.  What has changed is the number of people who have food to eat that does not nourish them (in other words, junk food) and who succumb to diet related diseases such as diabetes, obesity and mental illness (depression being a big one).  There’re lots more of them today and the number continues to grow.
Then there's the micro chip that was discussed in the program.  It is supposed to enhance brain function and improve/replace memory such as in the case of Alzheimer’s disease.  How much easier can it get to control the masses?  And think about the police/military as bionic super beings.  What chance would normal biological peoples have for freedom then?
Many people in the program said they did not know about the ethical implications of their work.  I think it’s simple.  Just image what the technology can be used for in an evil fashion and that’s what it will likely end up being used for.  I’d like to repeat here about 9/11.  The US government right up to the president, George W Bush, was complicit in the controlled demolitions of the three WTC buildings and the bombing of the Pentagon that killed thousands of working people.  Bush said that the people who did it were unimaginably evil (see my article).  These evil people haven't gone away.
The B’org is materialising before our very eyes.  It will assimilate us, destroy us and turn us all into slaves.  It will be serving madness. Perhaps it's already gone too far?

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