Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Pet bin Laden Scapegoat and the Rule of Law

Updated on 26 February 2019 with a few lost links to references only:

I previously had a link to a short David Icke video about Osama bin laden on 21 March 2013, but unfortunately, it is no longer available online. But his book about 9/11 is available on Amazon and it is called "Alice and Wonderland and the World Trade Center disaster: Why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie" (see here for link).

Remember The Pet Goat story (sorry, but the link I had is no longer valid) that George W Bush was reading in a classroom in Florida while the World Trade Center Towers were blowing up on September 11, 2001?  The one about the pet goat that hit a man in his bottom to avert a car being stolen?  If not, do look into it.  In any event, I mention this because after watching a 4 on D documentary called Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill (no longer available online), I noticed an incredible likeness between the goat in the story and Osama bin Laden, from his goat-like beard and liking caves to destroying property and being disliked by a property owner.  Unfortunately, bin Laden didn’t get to save a car in the end, but rather was a scapegoat for lots of murders and mayhem with which he may have had nothing whatsoever to do.  Or did he save "the car"?  Read on.  At the very least, he was charged with criminal offences but never brought to court to answer them.

The programme, which originally aired on 7 September 2011, was a Hollywood shoot'em dead ‘cowboys and Indians’ style documentary (which was portrayed as being THE TRUTH).  Whether true or not, it was a reminder of the pure lawlessness involved in this episode that occurred on 2 May 2011.  It was done in the name of "truth, justice and the American way" (Superman - more fiction!).  How would you feel if this was done to you?  Do you have any empathy?  Here are some of the issues I noticed:
·      In the documentary it showed that people were killed in an invasion of private property in a foreign country by the US military in total secrecy.
·     Due process dwindled to the point of being non-existent.
·    There were no legal proceedings in a court of law.
·    Where was the rule of law?  The Patriot Act?  Where is the law that is supposed to protect individual rights from the state, whether local or international.
·   Because of the dodgy rule of law behind these actions, the US arguably acted in an unconstitutional manner.  In other words, it acted ultra vires, outside its allocated powers, at least as far as any sane, intelligent person would describe them.
·     There was no setting out of charges before execution.  And he was never formally charged with 9/11 (see interesting article in International Business Times here).
·     No chance of an appeal.
·     They say they got the right man, Osama bin Laden, but they weren’t certain when the man thought to be him was shot dead.  Also, how do we know it really was him except to take their word?
·     One man, president of one country for a term of eight years, was judge, jury and executioner.  That’s the current US President, Obama (Osama, Obama, strange similarity).
·     It was highly publicised that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but scientific evidence continues to emerge to show that the US government was complicit in these attacks.  It is said that he confessed in a video, but there is much controversy over the authenticity of this evidence.  To get up to speed on the 9/11 developments, please see my article called 911 B’org Emergency.
·     The people that were attacked by the US military on this day were unarmed and minding their own business.  They were murdered in cold blood.
· We are told that there was a massive amount of evidence seized that would incriminate those killed, or at least bin Laden.  But it wasn’t brought before the public or scrutinised by a court of law.  Again, we have to take their word for it.  That is, we have to take the word of those who lied about 9/11.
·   All we got is a Hollywood-style programme with lots of shooting, bombing, screaming and pathetic references to being safe and successful in the end.
Bin Laden today, who is next tomorrow?  Do you think it couldn’t possibly be you?  Why?  When there is no longer the rule of law, there is no longer democracy or protection from unbridled governmental power.  Under these circumstances, Anyone and EVERYONE is fair game.  Trust me, I’m a solicitor (albeit non-practicing).

Of course, this is all highly relevant to this blog because the same rule of law as described in this article applies to the production and supply of food.  Basically, the B’org of Food is getting away with what amounts to cold blooded murder as I’ve written about and will keep writing about.