Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Age of the Living Dead

Many of you will have heard of the film Night of the Living Dead (link to You Tube).  Well, actually, it’s the first of a series of six zombie horror films:
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Day of the Dead (1985)
Land of the Dead (2005)
Diary of the Dead (2007)
Survival of the Dead (2010)
I'd like to propose a seventh one:  Age of the Living Dead (2014).  It should be easy to put together.  After all, we are living in it.
Zombie?  An animated corpse?  I think we have to be careful what we say about this nowadays.  The idea of a zombie is that some supernatural, mystical power, such as witchcraft, has brought the dead back to life.  But it’s happening every day in western civilization hospitals all over the world.  People who are for all intensive purposes dead, are brought back to life as a matter of routine without any regard to the outcome for the individual except that they will be alive.
Zombies are hypnotized and bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet able to get about and respond to stimuli.  This in itself sounds like a lot of people walking the earth today in modern civilizations, even if they haven’t actually died and come back to life.
So, we have two types of living dead.  One is the obvious situation where because of a medical condition or treatment, the person’s heart stops beating and their body stops functioning of its own accord, but medical science resuscitates them (no offence intended to those who have been in this situation).  The other one is not so obvious.  It is where people have killed so much of themselves and they are functioning at such a subnormal level that a large part of them is dead.  I’m thinking about the microbes that normally live on our skin but are killed by chlorine, washing products and other chemicals.  I’m also thinking about the microbes that normally live in our gut but are killed by diets based on sugar, chemicals (including drugs) and other unnatural products passed off as food.  And I’m thinking about the cells of the body, the neurons in the brain, and the single celled entities such as white blood cells that are destroyed by modern living.  I believe that these life forms are part of our life, and to some extent, the less of them we have, the less alive we are.
I recently spoke to a young girl who said that her brother had an epileptic fit while bowling and fell and hit his head.  He lost consciousness and in fact, lost his life.  She said “they brought him back to life”.  Now he’s confined to bed with little consciousness or awareness.  Another customer with a B’org feeding tube.  This is rather unusual and it is drastic, but similar episodes are happening more and more.
The other living dead are not so easy to spot.  They seem to be functioning more or less normally, but they’re “not all there”.  That’s an expression that used to mean that they are mentally disabled.  Unfortunately, not being all there is not uncommon and does not necessarily mean mentally disabled.  In fact, I wonder how much any of us really are here.  It just stems back to my theory that B’org Mentality is in pandemic stages. 
And why are we living in the Age of the Living Dead?  Because that’s the best way to make the most money.  And the B’org (corporations) are making more than anyone.  They’re the epitome of the living dead.  They’re legally persons but are not living people.  I rest my case, which brings me back to my positive vision: Transnational Corporations are Extinct.  Corporations are actually the biggest zombies you could imagine.  They are the reason we are living in the Age of the Living Dead.
Photo credit:  Wiki