Friday, 24 May 2013

Representing the Godzillians

I recently went to a workshop on food research where everyone was asked how many people they represent.  My reaction was that I represent millions because I write blog articles that millions can read and comment on, and I believe that my ideas are informative, in their best interest and influence them.  I got some flak for this because, of course, it’s not the traditional interpretation of the meaning of representing people.  In the sense it was intended, I really only represent myself because my work does not give me responsibility to influence directly what other people eat, even if in fact it does.  But on the day, I was not to be knocked off my podium.  Well, after thinking about this a little more, I’ve gone even further.  I would say now that I represent godzillians.  Although I say this because I’m thinking about microscopic creatures that live in humans, by default, I also represent the people that rely on them for their health and well-being (so I represent all people and the microbes in each one of them as well as in the environment).
Godzillian by the way means: (n) A number of people or a quantity of things as overpoweringly huge as Godzilla is in size.  Godzilla is a fictional sea monster (reptilian) of gargantuan (enormous) size.
At the opposite scale of gargantuan, food science is working with ever smaller and smaller constituents.  They are taking our food apart into smaller and smaller components and putting them back together into odder and odder finished products (albeit similar looking and tasting to the older versions), along with a lot of artificial chemicals.  This is a threat to all the life forms in my body that ultimately comprise my health and even life.  An example is cancer.  Why does cancer get out of control?  I don’t think it takes a lot of research to know that it gets out of control because the body is out of balance.  Why is the body out of balance?  Because we do not know how to maintain the balance artificially and keep messing with the natural balancing mechanisms (microorganisms being a big part).
The war against microbes (link is to Nobel Prize propaganda video) is one way we mess with the natural balancing mechanisms and is actually a war against us.  This war is based on chemicals.  Look around you and you will most likely be able to readily identify quite a few such chemicals such as chlorine (also used in WWI), formaldehyde (in lots of stuff), alkyldimethylbenzlammoniumchloride (in cleaning products), 2-Aminoethanol (in floor cleaners), just to name some of the ones I’ve written about.  But also consider medications because many of them kill microscopic life that supports health too, especially antibiotics.  But many other medications are deadly too.  For example, see my article on Medical Treatment for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
For a great explanation about how the immune system works, see the YouTube video: Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer - Crash Course Biology #32.  A thought came to me from watching it:  What if what we call bad bacteria and viruses etc are simply food for the good bacteria and the rest of our so-called defence immune system?  This would mean that in balance, they play an important role in maintaining our health too!  Is it so far-fetched to think that there’s a food chain inside of us just as there is outside of us?  It would follow that the challenge of disease is not ‘attack and kill’ life forms that when out of balance cause certain symptoms.  Rather, it would follow that maintaining health is a question of how do we restore balance and this is getting more difficult every day in our chemical laden artificial environment that the majority of us now live in.  Running for medical treatment at the first sign of any discomfort is another big problem though.
When I write about the B’org Food Chain and the chain of iniquities, Simple Food Remedies, or my Dairy Dream (on my three blogs), much of it is directly related to the health and well-being of the microscopic life forms in and on our bodies, in the soil in which our food is grown, in the air that we breathe, and in the water that we drink and use for cleaning.  I stand and represent them in the world of humans that do not appreciate their vast importance to our well-being (although maybe the Elite do know and the conspiracy theorists are right when they say that the Elite are out to get us, even if they have to die doing it).  I represent the microbes and fight for them.  I represent them in the system they were designed to inhabit by using natural and respectful treatment.  I am nature and represent nature.  This is my ultimate case as a lawyer.  Nature is my ultimate client as a consultant.  The pay is lousy, but the rewards are infinite ... infinite joy for starters.
Photo credit: National Geographic
The human gut teems with bacteria (microorganisms), many of their species still unknown. They help us digest food and absorb nutrients, and they play a part in protecting our intestinal walls. Gut bacteria may also help regulate weight and ward off autoimmune diseases.