Friday, 21 June 2013

London Café Technocracy Events


I received an email about a technocracy update today and thought I would pass it on for anyone in the vicinity of London who might be interested in attending any of the planned meetings.  Technocracy is very possibly an abbreviation of technology crazy.  It's the ultimate expression of human madness.  Anyway, this programme is very much in tune with what I write about on this blog.

Technology out of control? Drones, Killer Robots and the Arms Trade

Remote controlled drones have already caused many civilian casualties in the 'war on terror', and people in the target zones and in Britain are campaigning against their use. But the military is moving towards letting battlefield 'killer robots' take their own decisions without human input. Should we allow computers to decide who lives and who dies, and who is legally responsible for their actions? This first meeting in our 'Breaking the Frame' series on the politics of technology will address some of the ethical and 'existential' issues raised by the march of technocracy. There will be plenty of time for informal discussion.

When: 7pm July 8th 2013
Where: Fairly Square cafe, 51 Red lion St London WC1R 4PF

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Breaking the Frame: discussions on the politics of technology

Technology dominates our world, but many people think ‘its just a neutral tool’ or that technology = progress.  Although it does bring some benefits, most technology designed and controlled by corporate, military and technocratic elites to serve their interests and exert their power.  Luddites200 is organising a series of monthly events to look at the technology politics of food, energy, work, gender, war, the economy, health etc.  There will be speakers from campaigning groups and lots of time for discussion.  We are preparing for a 3-day gathering in May 2014 on these issues.

July 8th  Technology out of control? Drones, killer robots and the arms trade
August New nuclear and the lessons of Fukushima
September Gender and the politics of technology 
October Economic crisis and austerity: “It’s the technology, stupid”
November Food, GM and synthetic biology
December Extreme Energy (fracking, tar sands etc) and climate change
January The politics of alternative technology and workers’ plans
February Digital technology, surveillance and Big Data
March Toxics and nanotechnology
April ‘Mental health’, big pharma and the new eugenics

When: 7pm 2nd Monday of the month
Where: Fairly Square cafe, 51 Red lion St London WC1R 4PF

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Synthetic Biology

Luddites200 is starting an action group on synthetic biology and would like to hear from you if you;re interested. Synthetic biology is an extreme form of genetic engineering in which scientists do not merely tinker with a couple of genes but chemically synthesise large amounts of DNA, up to and including the whole genome. This raises massive environmental and ethical concerns; you can find more information at, or Recently environmental groups have been alarmed by proposals by a group of 'biohackers' based in California to start releasing into the environment plants that had been manipulated using synthetic biology techniques to glow in the dark. Please email if you would like to be involved in planning campaigns around these issues. 


We are also planning to set up a campaign on geoengineering ie efforts to prevent climate change by directly engineering the climate system, eg by trying to reflect sunlight away from the earth by filling the upper atmosphere with sulphite particles, as happens after volcanic eruptions.  You can find more information at about this and other similarly dangerous and crazy schemes. The Campaign Against Climate Change recently voted not to support calls for geoengineering made by certain scientists. Luddites200 recently held a successful workshop on geoengineering and those who attended are keen to make contact with people throughout Britain who would be interested in campaigning on this issue.