Tuesday, 11 June 2013

More Evidence that the Nation has Gone Drug Mad

I discussed in an article about the UK government being in partnership with pharmaceutical companies and how patients are used as guinea pigs for testing new drugs.  But it’s not just new drugs that have been tested to some degree with a stamp of governmental approval for sale to the public and use in medical facilities that are used to experiment on people.  Baroness Gardner of Parkes (Conservative) asked an interesting question in the House of Lords on 10 June 2013.  She wanted to know whether Her Majesty’s Government
will enable the use of new experimental drugs by terminally ill patients who are prepared to waive their right to sue pharmaceutical companies in order to assist the development of new drugs and ease their own condition.
You can view the discussion that followed here.  Let me just say that the government is calling for restraint on pharmaceutical corporations with the one hand while giving them full rein with the other.  In other words, they can take chemicals and experiment with them directly on patients without any evidence of effectiveness whatsoever.  Considering how ineffective most drugs are, this is pretty scary.
I wonder why Baroness Gardner of Parkes thinks a dying patient would want to sue a pharmaceutical company if the experimental drugs eased their own condition.  Lord Taverne (Liberal Democrat) made an interesting comment.  He said it was a no-brainer that these experimental drugs should be unleashed on patients and the public without delay or extra costs.  Mmmm, no-brainer or no brain?
The same thing is going on in the USA.  I came across a Wall Street Journal article about one person, a doctor, who is glad she used an experimental drug.  She was reported to be weak and her brain wasn’t working like it used to after the treatment, but she was happy to be alive.  This is all it takes to sway the masses into believing that drugs are miracle workers.
I keep repeating this on my blogs, but I think it’s important because I keep coming across stuff like this House of Lords discussion and newspaper article.

Drugs cause side effects.
Drugs make people sick.
Drugs do not solve any health problem.
Drugs may alleviate a symptom, but they do not make people healthier.
Drugs are not the answer, they are a problem.
Drugs are not a replacement for real food.

Photo credit:  Spiders and Drugs (caffeinated web above and more under-the-influence webs on the link).  I wrote about caffeine allergy, a drug most people take without thinking twice everyday.  The web the B’org are spinning is probably full of holes too which is why we still have a chance of survival despite the drug madness.