Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Positive Vision: Everything’s Free

I heard it again today.  “Nothing’s free.”  This is what the B’org/Illuminati want us to believe.  Before you know it, nothing will be free.  By nothing, I mean everything because nothing is no thing and I can’t imagine that there will ever be a price on nothing.  If we keep going in the direction we’re headed though, we will have to pay money for everything, including fresh air.  We’re already paying for water, food and shelter.  Why???  I wonder if it will get to the point when we’ll have to pay for a sunny day.  After all, the B’org is working on controlling the weather.  Chemtrails give us some evidence of this.
“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  Ever hear that one?  It’s been popular in America for many years.  Of course there is!  Just go out and catch a fish, pick some dandelion greens, find a few wild mushrooms, perhaps some blackberries for desert, make a fire and make a meal for free.  Of course, this is more likely to happen in the countryside and in the UK it’s claimed that 85% of the inhabitants live in cities.  Many people grow enough food on small plots of land to have a free lunch though, even in cities.  So what are they talking about?
I had a thought today while driving back from the seaside, before I heard that nothing’s free again.  I imagined what it would be like with apple trees all over the place so that everyone could pick one whenever they wanted while they were in season.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Free apples would annoy a lot of B’org people.  I’m going to start trying to grow all the apple seeds I get from now on.  So far, I’ve planted three apple trees in my lifetime.  I’d like to up that number.
Think about the country landscape and even parks in cities for a moment and you may begin to see what I’m talking about.  Did you ever ask yourself why the trees that are there are there? Many are planted.  In other words, why don’t we have fruit trees all over?  We could plant them.  I noticed that most trees around are less than 100 years old.  Why don’t we do something to help ourselves?  The prices of food at my local shop have just gone up a lot.  In fact they’ve skyrocketed.  What will happen if the prices go up more?  Or fresh food stops coming into your local supermarket?  Leaving only processed food behind.  I think we should think about this possibility.
Meanwhile, I say, everything’s free.  Not just the best things in life.  Everything's free.  This reflects a positive attitude that can help us work our way back to the natural way of life.  Animals don’t pay for food, water, air, shelter, sunshine, etc, etc. Why do we?  Are they smarter than us?  Although I have to say, while we are monetising our lives especially with the use of technology, we are destroying the natural environment that wild animals and other life forms rely on.  I think we are building a B’org cube, making the earth into hell instead of heaven.  Wow.  How bizarre is that?  And we’re doing it for free.  In other words, nobody is paying us not to plant apple trees in public places, and as far as I know, there’s no law against it.  Why can’t we all make the world a paradise instead of a mechanised brutal prison?  It’s easy to make a start.  Just plant something edible.  It will grow for free unless Monsanto has its way.  The rumour is that they are spraying aluminium all over the place which besides other things will contaminate the land so that only special seeds developed by Monsanto will grow.  Monsanto is working to control everything.  Let’s stop contributing to their success by disconnecting from the human swarm now.  Remember, we’ve got the power to do it.  We can reverse the nothing’s free mentality.  Love is free.  We can make everything free.  We’ve got the power!
Photo Credit:  Nice blog article about Apple Country, reminiscence of a less constrictive place than England.