Sunday, 18 August 2013

Brighter Future?

“Science is the engine of prosperity.  All the wealth we see around us is due to science and science is going to continue to generate jobs, new industries, make life easier, and extend the human lifespan.  But, there’s always a price.  The price is privacy.  We’ll probably have less privacy in the future but we will have more abundance of wealth and we will have a more convenient life.”  Dr Michio Kaku
This quote comes from Dr Kaku speaking on a BBC television programme that was available on the iPlayer called Dara O’Briain’s Science Club, Future Fantastic.  He also said it was a “brighter future” that he anticipates, hence the title of this article.  Dr Kaku trained at Harvard University and “holds the Henry Semat Chair and Professorship in theoretical physics at the City College of New York, where he has taught for over 25 years.”  According to his website from which these quotes about him were taken, he is a “theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and popularizer of science. He’s the co-founder of string field theory (a branch of string theory), and continues Einstein’s search to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified theory.”
Obviously, Dr Kaku is very committed to science.  However, as is the case with most scientists today, he appears to have a very myopic view of life on Earth, and indeed, the Universe.
He sees a scientific engine powering prosperity.
I see a mechanical engine powering a destructive machine.
He sees wealth created by science all around him.
I see a small wealthy elite getting wealthier day by day while one third of the world’s population doesn’t have enough to eat.  In addition, about one sixth is malnourished even though they have plenty of food, and the rest of the world’s population is struggling to find healthy food to eat, water to drink and even air to breathe.  I’m a good example of the latter.  I don’t have much to speak of in terms of what we call material wealth even though I’ve been working for 40-odd years.  I spend a big chunk of my earnings on my food in small shops in hopes that it’s better than that on offer in supermarkets.  I lug big jugs full of spring water up a lane and up a flight of stairs in hopes that it’s cleaner and healthier than tap water.  And I breathe in toxic chemicals in my workplace and residence, day in and day out.  What is gold and jewels, or cars and yachts when you don’t have real food, clean water and fresh air!?
Dr Kaku, and many others like him, certainly has high hopes for science.  He believes that science is going to:
·        continue to generate jobs and new industries;
·        make life easier; and
·        extend the human lifespan.
I believe that science is going to:
·        be taken over by cyborgs and robots who will do all the work;
·        make life different, not easier; and
·        in the not too distant future, make human beings extinct.
When dealing with the B’org, there is always a price.  Dr Kaku says that the price for giving up our humanity is to give up our privacy.  I was thinking about this the other day before I watched this programme.  I was thinking that there is some sort of connection between privacy and humanity.  This was brought to my mind when I watched a programme about Royal Bedchambers.  Royalty are a breed unto themselves.  After all, they claim to have blue blood when the rest of us have red blood.  Throughout history, they have had little privacy.  So now they (as part of the B’org) want to share their predicament and take away our privacy too.
Dr Kaku says that if we give up our privacy, we’ll get more wealth and an easier life in return.  Sorry if this sounds rude, but he must be high.
I say, if we give up our privacy, we will become prisoners, prisoners of the B’org.  We will lose all semblance of freedom.  The methods of our total control are being rolled out before our very eyes.  We are under surveillance with cameras, GPS, mobile phones, and computers.  We have little or no control over these already.  Our lives are being more and more regulated and regimented, e.g., Health & Safety (need I say more?).  With all the evil in the world, why does Dr Kaku think new science is going to improve the situation we find ourselves in at this very moment?  It can only get worse if we continue on the same path.  Scientists are on the wrong path.  Scientists are buffoons.  Science can never produce, for any amount of money, what the earth provides for free.  I wish all scientists would move to Mars and stop trying to make life on Earth “more convenient,” another word for messed up.  Science is simply creating new and improved problems.
The future can never be brighter than the present.  Because, the present is the only moment we will ever have, and is by default, the brightest it can ever be.  Jennifer Wilson 
Photo credit:  Dr Michio Kaku