Monday, 21 April 2014

Spaceships, the Catholic Church and Big Ideas

I went to a Catholic Church Mass recently as part of my job.  I was an escort for a person with profound multiple disabilities.  The modern building of this Sussex, UK church looked to me like a spaceship, especially when sitting in it near the middle, but also from the outside.  The photo is one of a similar church.  This architecture for Catholic churches is quite popular in the US and the UK, at least.

The sermon was about big ideas.  The priest said that the Bible was a made up story about searching for transcendental experiences.  I kid you not!  He said it was a big idea.  He said we have other big ideas today like science and art, but believing in the Bible can get you places.  He gave an example of the current Pope and how his belief in the Bible has lifted him up to his lofty position in the Catholic Church.  Oddly enough, the expression of “What’s the big idea?!” is an indication of dissatisfaction with what the other person did or is doing.  Big ideas are certainly favoured by many today though.

While I was in the Mass I kept thinking of the sci-fi movies where people are herded into spaceships that look like this church, never to return to Earth again.

After the Mass, my party went upstairs to join the others for a spot of caffeinated drinks (what I refer to as Martian drinks) and sugary stuff (which I abstained from, naturally).  We were in a long room like a corridor with no windows.  At each end of this strangely shaped room there were wooden doors that looked like the old-style coach house doors.  As far as I could tell, the doors led outdoors on either side.  What could be the purpose of this, I wondered?  I imagined that a space shuttle could conveniently fly in on one end, land and then exit from the other end.  Could this be forward thinking and preparation for the future?  A big idea in action?

The B’org of Food is certainly a big idea.  Globalisation and the New World Order are other current big ideas.  I personally have no problem seeing a connection between the Catholic Church and what is going on in the world today never mind historically.  In other words, I can see that they are connected to modern big ideas.

Other current big ideas are to mechanise everything to be as efficient as possible and make as much money as possible.  In light of these big ideas, I believe we are deluding ourselves if we think that humans on this planet will remain of any importance whatsoever.  Look around and you will notice just how cheap (meaning full of crap) modern life has become for the masses.  Some say that the Elite of society who include those that run the Catholic Church are not really human which would make sense since the majority of people don’t compare to this frothy top.  In other words, humans have nothing in common with the Elite in any real sense, even though many folk try to imitate them.  The people with lots of money are in the process of gaining more and more control over nature and the rest of us.  This is being done through the mechanisation and monetisation of life.

Another big idea I came across recently was plastination.  This term specifically refers to the use of plastic to preserve corpses, but Our World is being plastinated.  Plastic teeth, plastic heart bypasses, plastic replacement joints, our houses are full of plastic, our work places are the same, plastic rubbish is ending up in wild life and even domestic animals, plastic food (or near enough), just to name a few examples.  One commentator on TV said that plastic has become a vital part of our modern lives.  He’s right.  However, although plastic may be handy, it’s not good for biological life.  It’s destroying life.  It may preserve the dead, but it does not contribute to the cycle of life, our earthly life.

Earlier, a colleague told me that he wasn’t religious but that he believed in Jesus, the same Jesus that underpins the Catholic Church.  I asked why he believed in Jesus and he said there was proof of his life.  I told him I didn’t care whether Jesus actually lived or not (and I rather doubt he did) because I do not believe in anyone being more important than me or the other people alive today and that no one past or present deserves to be worshipped.  I said that I believe in respect not worship.  I also said that I didn’t think one can separate Jesus from Christianity, which is religion.  Also, the big idea of Jesus rising from the dead after being tortured and killed in a brutal way and people drinking his blood and eating his flesh ... well,  it’s disgusting.  What’s the big idea?!  I’m sorry the Easter holiday is imposed on everyone in Western civilization.  It’s embarrassing.

Happy Easter Spring!

Photo Credit with Thanks from the article:  Don’t Blame Vatican II, Modernism and Modern Catholic Church Architecture by Randall B. Smith.