Tuesday, 27 May 2014

B'org Royalty

As readers of my blog will know, B’org stands for big organisation. But, what is royalty?  A person of royal rank or lineage?  How did that get started then?  If we all started out in Africa (evolution theory) or from Adam and Eve (biblical theory), how did some of us end up as royalty and the others ... servants?  The author David Icke has an interesting theory and I would recommend his books.  But regardless of the story about this type of royalty, I propose that a new royalty has come to be because of big organisations, especially in the food, drink and medical arenas, what I call B’org Royalty.

In this article, I’m not going to discuss the royalty that live in castles, like the British monarchy.  Rather, I’m talking about this new royalty that has been created by the B’org.  The B’org Royalty rule from behind the lines.  They are waited on like royalty.  They often live in exclusive neighbourhoods like royalty (especially in the countryside). Like royalty, they have nothing to do particularly but be served, and many servants are at their beck and call.  In addition, they can’t do much for themselves, but, they are fantastic consumers.  What I’m referring to here is the burgeoning elite that live in care homes like the Royal one in the photo.

Oh, I must be joking, right?  Aren’t people in care homes profoundly disabled for one reason or another?  With birth defects, debilitating illnesses such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and age related disorders, and tragic accident survivors.  At first glance, most would say, wow, poor people.  But on closer examination, in many ways, they are the new royalty.  In fact, one care home boasts that they treat residents as royalty.

IQ is not needed in the new HQ.  Physical prowess and attractiveness aren’t important.  It’s a new type of survival of the fittest.  They don't even need to be able to voice their needs because someone will be there shortly to satisfy all of them anyway, albeit, with total control.  And, there are lots of laws protecting these rights with people employed to enforce them.

Call button not working?  Phone the nurses’ desk on your mobile (cell phone).  Call button on, someone is sure to dash down the corridor to assist in an instant.

A servant within ear shot?  Call out and make a request.  Dropped your bottle?  Oh, we’ll get it quick as a jiffy ...

Can we change your pad or empty your catheter bag?  Can we please wash you, change your clothes, brush your teeth?  Can we feed you now?

Want an outing?  Bowling, pub, drama classes, college (yes, even if your IQ is below 50), cinema, restaurant, shopping, Olympics, ballet, concert, church, football match, seashore, stroll in a park (being pushed in a wheelchair) ...  so many places are accessible when you have the force ready to escort you.

Spa?  Swimming?  A little foot massage?  Leg cramping? Someone will immediately stop and give them an impromptu leg massage.  Or they lie on a bean bag and have their legs, feet, arms and hands massaged with dimmed lights and soft soothing music.

Trouble sleeping?  Night staff is on duty to check them every 15 minutes and help by turning them over throughout the night so they don’t get bed sores.

Activities planned every day just for them and if they are actually incapable of doing anything, no worries, we’ll do it for them while they sit there (often dosing off).

In a bad mood?  We’ll cheer them up, like a court jester.

Food cooked from scratch every day (although admittedly, it’s not the best quality).

They say it’s no fun being at the top and misery loves company.  On the one top, there are kings, queens, princesses, etc. etc. A sign of their misery is that they keep killing each other off as in “off with their head”! and as in the recent case of Princess Diana.  When I think of the care that goes into driving the care home residents around, I find it very hard indeed to imagine that a Princess was not able to secure safe transport for a short city journey but instead was driven into a pole and then left to bleed to death at the scene of the accident!  David Icke and others have written about this though, so I won’t go into it.

On the other top, the new burgeoning one, there are the people confined to wheelchairs and beds.  They are being kept alive regardless of whether they want it or not.  Apologies for the relatives who genuinely love and want to care for them, but the reality is that many people in care homes cannot express whether they want to live or not and would die if not given specific medical treatment (e.g., have a gastric feeding tube, B’org Feeding Tubes that keep them alive because they are unable to swallow).  It’s not their choice is all I’m saying.  They don’t have mental capacity, but great efforts are made to keep them alive at any cost against nature.

But the reason why the people in care homes are being catered to like royalty, often at taxpayers’ expense, is that they are such good consumers, and in particular, consumers of the products peddled by the B’org.  They are very good for business.  So taxpayers now have two lots to support at the top.

Some of the most popular products consumed by the new B’org Royalty are:

Medications ... lots.

Cheap food ... good outlet for GMOs, chemically produced foods, and chemically laced foods, because even though the food may be made from scratch, the ingredients are generally of the lowest quality.  In addition, as already mentioned, many are fed through B’org Feeding Tubes which are used to supply a chemical cocktail made by corporations such as NestlĂ© that a doctor needs to prescribe.

Cheap personal care products which are full of chemicals.

Specialty equipment from custom made wheelchairs (the new thrones) and beds to electric hoists and plastic braces, etc, etc.

And then there are the services which are responsible for a big chunk of the expenditure in the upkeep of this new royalty even though the servants wages are low, because there are so many of them, and many of whom come from foreign countries especially to work in this industry, although soon enough robots will be taking over:  full-time nurses on duty 24/7, carers (round the clock), activities persons, managers, trainers, physiotherapists, dieticians, aroma therapists, speech and language therapists, entertainers, college staff, hospital staff, clinic staff, pharmacy staff, doctors (who often make house calls), ambulance workers, social workers, drivers, handymen, gardeners, electricians, other maintenance people, all the folk involved in producing, shipping, selling, etc the special products used by the service users, and all the people involved in the outings that are especially catered to them, such as discos or yoga for the disabled.

Finally, there is the energy and impact on the environment to consider by this business from production of the chemicals to operating the homes.  By the way, the Care Home sewage system in the photo got hooked up to an additional filtering tank after being in operation for four years.  I wonder what went into the environment during that time that they subsequently felt the need to treat before release.  Mmm ... sewage treatment.

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Dumpty together again”.  They just made a big business out of trying.  I don’t know what it’s like to be a Royal, and I don’t know what it’s like not to be independent, and I hope I never do.   I want to emphasise that I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone that may live in a care home, be related to them or anyone else involved.  But I have to say that I’m glad I’m a mere so-called commoner first and consume as little as possible secondly, especially products and services of the B’org.  I don’t see much, if anything, to envy or emulate in either the historic Royals or the new B’org Royalty, which is also a new B’org Reality, if you think about it.

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