Thursday, 11 September 2014

9/11 and Counting

Counting the days, years, decades and centuries that destructive, negative forces have reigned.

Counting the deaths of people and animals due to unnatural causes.

Counting the loss of biodiversity despite the Countdown 2010 Save Biodiversity, The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre and The World Conservation Union (IUCN) and the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, European Commission Directorate General Environment and Belgian Science Policy.

Counting the destruction of microorganisms.

Counting the epidemics.

Counting the depressed.

Counting the disabled.

Counting the natural foods no longer available.

Counting the number of genetically modified living organisms.

Counting the billions spent on space exploration.

Counting the synthetic chemicals being produced.

Counting the plastic as it envelops our lives.

Counting, counting, counting ... does anything really count?

Now it’s 13 years since the infamous New York City 9/11 in 2001 (same year as The Millennium Assessment) and “the Terrorism” is heating up, that is, the B’org Terrorism, or as I wrote before, the 911 B’org Emergency.  One only has to glance at recent newspaper headlines or listen to the news briefly to see this on one level (at least in the UK and USA).  This terrorism is bad enough, with lots of violence, killing and maiming.  But I am also observing a terrorism going on underneath our very noses and I count some of it in this article with highlights of a few of my blog articles.

Genetic Modification - from microorganisms to trees
I wrote about genetically modified potatoes - modified to combat the potato blight when a natural organic potato already has this quality.  I also wrote about GM terminology.

Recently, I was surprised to learn that some antibiotics are made from genetically modified microorganisms.

Also, I recently bought some slippery elm bark and wondered whether the trees were genetically modified, especially since it is produced in the USA.  I was unable to find any details about the production of slippery elm bark as a food item, but I did find genetically modified tree plans that include elm trees.  They’re starting out with chestnut trees, and if that works, they will move on to the elm, ash and eastern hemlock trees ... because they are dying from diseases or pest attacks.  However, I have a hunch these problems have something to do with the ever developing technology, and in particular, the doings of the B’org, and GM is simply exacerbating the situation.

Food Choices Dwindling
On the face of it, people may believe that their choices of food products are increasing.  We can buy things from countries all over the world in our local superstores.  However, in reality the food choices are lessening because many foods are processed by using a few core ingredients such as wheat, corn, vegetable oils, processed salt and sugar.  Varieties are dying out and a cloning craze has taken over.  Milk is a primary concern for me though and I wrote about the lack of access to raw milk.  One can buy dozens of different types of milk in the supermarket, but not raw milk.

Air Pollution
Air freshener may be narcotic but that hasn’t stopped the proliferation of 24/7 automatic sprays being installed in rooms and hallways, even with no windows.

Then there are other fragrances that dare you, which are intended to be applied directly to the body and will pollute it as well as the air around you.

Water Pollution
Chlorine is one chemical polluting the water that comes into homes from the municipal supply.  But there are lots of chemicals in much of the drinking water in the world today.  It is the obvious result of the mind boggling amount of chemicals being manufactured and used in the world.

Chemical Onslaught
From the Bowels of the B’org with macrogol to the mouth with fluoride and glycerin, from countertops for food to floors, all kinds of medicines/drugs for people and livestock, agricultural chemicals, personal care products, chemicals in foods, in fact, man-made chemicals in just about everything you can buy and even much of nature now.

Space Exploration
Outer space is the final frontier for the B’org.  In my view, everything in the commercial world is linked in to this goal.  Nothing on earth really matters to B’org folk.  The only thing of importance to them is to move to another planet and start a colony there. Mars is being publicized as the selected place of destination lately, but Spaceships, the Catholic Church and Big Ideas are all over the place as a reminder of the outer space goal.  Meanwhile, Caffeine is Dehydrating Except for Coca Cola, Martians & the Similarly Minded, and caffeine is fuelling this space race.

Disability and Sickness Epidemics
Survival of the fittest?  The B’org Royalty highlights how disability, sickness and pain are the most profitable states of human existence for the B’org and the “money makes the world go round” New World Order.  That’s why we have so many wars and conflicts, etc, etc.  That’s why in a world where there is more money than ever, there is more suffering than ever.  That’s why 9/11 happened...

To conclude, YES, something does count:
Unconditional Love, Light and Peace for All
and trying to keep apart from the madness all around.  It’s like zoning out, being in another dimension, being on a different level, even being in a different world.  I believe there is more to this life than meets the eye, and that is what I work to keep my focus on.  Never mind counting for this though, the possibilities are infinite on how we can... flip over to the positive.

Photo credit with thanks: The way we were.