Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Science – It ain’t necessarily so!

It ain't necessarily so.  It ain't necessarily so.  The things that you're liable to read in a science journal, it ain't necessarily so.

One of my recurring themes in this blog is that humans seem to be evolving into non-biological creatures such as that portrayed in the fictional television program Star Trek, and in particular, the Borg.  Many people prefer man-made synthetic materials over natural ones.  However, it never really dawned on me just how completely some people believe there is nothing more to life than that which can be substantiated by science, i.e., by repeated experiments and discussed in peer reviewed documentation.  I knew science was the new religion, but I did not know how void it is of spirituality such as that in other religions from the Christian ones to the Eastern ones and even some philosophies.

Who Are We?

I have also been pondering on the meaning of life and what and who humans are because I have become very aware of people who have lost their minds and much of their physical abilities as in old age especially with dementia or have severely restricted minds and bodies due to birth defects.  Furthermore, I wonder about how animals and other life forms are treated by humans.  Scientists use animals for experimentation without any consideration.  In fact, a lot of humans are used by scientists without any consideration too.  That is, they are naturalists and do not have any consideration of something more than what science has dissected in the material world and without any understanding of or reverence to nature as a whole.

This quote in particular got me going:

“Biologists no longer believe that living depends upon some special non-physical agency or spirit” (Programs of the Brain by JZ Young, (1978) p 13).

But what does it mean to LIVE?  Maybe, we are the living dead or dying as we ignore and continually fail to acknowledge our true nature - that of being a part of the natural world we are so recklessly destroying as I’ve often pointed out on this blog, but is obvious to most of us.

Then I came across this statement when looking up élan vital in Wiki, which was also mentioned by Mr Young in the above mentioned book:

“Geneticists see no life force other than the organizational matrix contained in the genes themselves.”

Mind Matters

The confusion lies in the fact that everything exists in our minds and our minds are confused because they are not healthy.  This is why there is so much information in the world on how to heal.  My recent revelation was that maybe we are all mentally deranged but we have a choice to be mad in a positive fashion or in a negative one.  We can choose love or choose hate.  We can nurture our natural bodies and environment or we can exploit and destroy them.  Madness, then, is having the ability to choose madness.

But I have been struggling lately with whether we are beings of strictly biological components that science can investigate, explain and manipulate using logic and scientific laws or whether we are also beings with a spiritual essence or even whether there is a being of supernatural essence outside of us in the universe somewhere, e.g., GOD.

Is the power of the mind over matter simply a mechanical result of electrical and chemical activity in a biological form or is there a soul that can exert power through the mind?  Does it matter?  What is matter? What does matter?  One source claims that “From a philosophical point of view, it must be pointed out that matter, molecules and energy are concepts created by the scientist’s mind and are not part of the reality of Nature.  The world, apart from the knowing mind, is inscrutable” (Good Health Through Natural Therapy by EK Ledermann MD (1978) p. 111). 

Unknowable?  Perhaps.  In fact, I think it all boils down to beliefs anyway.  We often base our beliefs on observation, awareness and what we make of it all.  In this sense, scientists have the right idea in that they observe to gain awareness and understanding.  Unfortunately, they tend to be very narrow-minded and it could be easily argued that what they do is worse than doing nothing at all.  In addition, many scientists are owned by large corporations who are only interested in using science to make money.

Playing the devil’s advocate, let’s assume that science is correct and we are merely physical entities without any spiritual component, then science would arguably be justified in its manipulations and experimentations in its efforts to gain knowledge to control this physical reality.  All the maiming, pain, death, disfigurement, and ill-health caused as a result of scientific “advancement”, etc, etc would be acceptable in the sense that it would be heading for a brighter future as predicted by Dr Michio Kaku who I wrote about in a previous article called Brighter Future?  However, in that article I concluded that the future can never be brighter than the present and science was not improving any prospects.  Because the present is the only moment we will ever have, and is by default, the brightest it can ever be.  So in my view, science does not have a right to be inflicting the misery that it is causing in our world any more than crusaders had a right to pillage and plunder in the name of Christ.

Energy, Light and Good Vibrations

Meanwhile, I have been reading books about the human aura (energy field around the body) and chakras (energy fields within the body) and learning a new exercise routine called tai chi qigong shibashi (which is said to promote the energy fields in and around the body).  In addition, I went to a Reiki session for the first time which works with energy fields too.  Also, it is an interesting coincidence that a local college held a talk on Pranic Healing (also to do with energy) at this time and I decided to go.

Energy, light and vibrations are popular concepts used in discussions about the many alternative perspectives about the soul, life force, consciousness, whatever we call it that refers to something more than our material selves.  Auras are light emanations from the body that have color associations, and chakras are similar.  The body and auras consist of vibrations of different lengths.  Alternative healing techniques claim that using these concepts is the key to health and even reaching a higher state of existence.  Pranic Healing is in this league.  But there is a connection between energy (heat), light and vibrations that could possibly be explained in a purely scientific manner.

“When the number of vibrations increases, the light changes in color, each change being caused by shorter and more rapid vibrations; so that although we speak of the rose as being red, the grass as being green, or the sky as being blue, we know that these colors exist only in our minds, and are the sensation experienced by us as the result of a particular rate of vibration. When vibrations are reduced below four hundred trillion a second, they no longer affect us as light, but we experience the sensation of heat” (Light Vibrations). 

So what causes vibrations?  Keylontic Morphogenetic Science has an explanation that I just discovered.  By the way, this is an “alternative” science!  In an article called Frequency and Vibration: How They Create the Structures of Matter and Life by PL Chang on the Energy Fanatics website, vibration is said to be when energy contracts toward a neutral point.  The vibrational frequency rate is determined by how fast energy units (partiki) contract and expand.  At the very least, this alternative science shows that a lot is missing in conventional science.

I Believe

At the end of the day though, it appears to be important what we believe.  Take for example Christians saying out loud together in churches “I believe ....”  For example, I believe in one God, Father Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth.  Lack of understanding about beliefs may be why science is so off the mark.  Many scientists and those who follow them have forgotten or ignore that everything they do is actually based on beliefs and that no research or experiment will ever be absolutely true.  They think they are working with uncertainties that someday will be certain with more science.  However, science is not any more real than the story of the Bible which is well-known to be a made-up story as in a fairytale.  Unfortunately, scientists are dissecting everything in the world, developing more and more toxic chemicals, creating synthetic foods, manipulating genes including crossing genes between species, developing plastic for every purpose one could think of, and so the list goes on.  And life on earth, whatever it is, is disintegrating in its present form to become what?   Ever more complex and bizarre theories are coming up to explain life, but to what end?  Let me give an example using the concepts popular in alternative therapies: energy (health), light (as a constant) and mass (physical body).

Energy Equals?

E = mc2

If this is true, obese people (as objects) would have a lot of energy, which they don’t because energy is not just burning calories but includes how one feels and one’s fitness.  Many obese people feel tired all the time, e.g., they don’t have any energy!  They are often in poor health.  Even people of normal weight often feel sluggish after eating a lot of calories, so it begs the question what is energy in this scientific formula?

Wiki appears to clear this up with the claim that “the vernacular terminology is not consistent with technical terminology.”  But what it boils down is that scientists have their own language.  Einstein’s energy formula may work for machines but it has nothing to do with people.  Let’s look again at obese people, the ever increasing number of sufferers of one modern epidemic.

Obese people obviously have more mass than slim people but often have less energy, so the greater mass in a human being does not equate to more energy.  Therefore, this basic scientific equation is false for human beings.  One only needs to have a caffeinated drink to get a burst of energy.  I rest my case.  There is more to humans than meets the eye, even the scientific one with a mega powerful microscope and any other scientific gadget men can think of.

And so it goes.  There is a Horizon programme available on Youtube called “Science under Attack” in which Sir Paul Nurse says ...if science is to have its proper impact on society, it will have to get through all the competing agendas.  Proper impact!  That is very pompous.  Science is supposed to serve man, but instead it is attacking us!!!  No, it’s not the complexity of science but the simple-mindedness of it.  I hope more people fight back more against science and stand up for what is true and real – NATURE, the unknowable through science but that which we already know and always have known deep down inside!  Because, we are part and parcel of the all-knowing “whatya-ma-call-it!
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