Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Back to the Future: Freedom

Since updating my article called The B’org of Food Cuisine, I decided to discuss freedom on this blog.  Freedom seems to be going backwards and bringing us to a new future, a New World Order of total control.  But I want to claw the future back to freedom.  This blog is called the B’org Food Chain partly because it includes a state of bondage.  So it is apt to discuss freedom from this chain.  But what is freedom, this priceless state of being that is slipping through our fingers even as I type this?

First and foremost, freedom is the ability to fight in the quiet revolution against the food and drug industries.

Freedom is the opposite of Kingdom.  Freedom is the land of nature.  There is no real hierarchy.  Lions may be said to rule the jungle, but that is a human interpretation of their role in their world.  In contrast, kingdom is the land of a king (regardless of name), whether religious or otherwise, with a hierarchy that subjects all life to artificial constrictions and rules.  The Kingdom of God and the United Kingdom are the two best known kingdoms around today, but all governments and religions are fashioned from the same structure.  It would seem that the majority of people on the planet today believe in and/or are a part of some sort of kingdom.  In a way, this is simply civilisation.  And a lot of nature has been “civilised” along with humans.

Religious folk at the top of the organisations may believe that they are freer than the rest of the population because they have acquired a post of religious status.  Buddhas, Popes, Saints, Angles and other such pinnacle positions are endowed with various freedoms such as freedom from suffering birth and death, and more generally, freedom from hell.  But it all appears to be a spectre to me.

Scientists think they are free to experiment with anything and take things apart or force them apart, such as in the Hadron collider.  They believe they are free to go anywhere, such as outer space.  They can take genes from one species and force them into another.  They can create cloned life.  The can manipulate life at a nano level.  They are so clever, but far from free to do these things because they are obviously killing life on this planet and probably elsewhere too with their rubbish.

Rich people think they are free, free to acquire as much money as they can conceive.  People with lots of money may think they have more freedom than say, folk with no money.  After all, they can buy lots of stuff, go places and do things that cost money.  However, they are probably the least free which I will endeavour to explain.

Those involved in Governments and Corporations believe they are free to manipulate life to suit their agendas.  They actually manipulate the religious, the scientists and the rich all in the name of the rule of law which they create to suit their agendas.  This includes the B’org of Food.  This is why I suspect some sort of conspiracy because who makes the agendas?!!!  But never mind, conspiracies are not important.  What is important is freedom from the agendas!

In this blog and my other blogs, I have been discussing some of the agendas.  They are all tied in with money and so easy to recognise.  Freedom, therefore, first of all, means living without money.  So the more money you have, the less free you are.  Think about it.

For example, owning land does not mean freedom to live as you like off the land.  A squatter is actually freer than a landowner.  The landowner is restricted by laws and money, especially taxes.  The squatter is not subjected in this manner as long as he remains anonymous.  This is the dilemma we have today.  We cannot live on this planet without subjugation.  Why?  Why do we have to have money to live off the land which is free or at least was free until a bunch of maniacs created laws to restrict this freedom?  Who are they to tell us we cannot live our lives on this earth without playing their stupid games!!!

Freedom also means not being connected to an electronic grid including using things that require electricity to be made.  Freedom is not having to use electronic devices to communicate.  Not only is face-to-face conversation better than talking on Skype, we are replacing reality with a virtual reality on an electronic device such as a computer more and more every day.  Furthermore, I believe we have an innate ability to communicate over distances, even without words, but by using electronic devices we are dampening our innate abilities.

Freedom means not being connected to a road system, including things that need a road system to be transported to us.

Freedom is being able to drink the water from the earth in a clean and nutritious state, such as from a Spring.  Freedom is breathing fresh clean air.  Freedom is even producing and collecting our own food.

Freedom is not having to take medication every day for the rest of our lives.  Freedom is even the ability to fast, that is, not needing a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning and having three meals a day.  But many people cannot truly fast even if they quit the caffeine habit because they are under order by their doctor to take medication religiously every day before or after a meal. 

Freedom means not being reliant on gas and oil and the things that rely on them for production.

Freedom is the opposite of the modern, so-called civilized life.  And the more we become “civilized” the more we become enslaved.

Freedom is not needing anything.   All we need is provided by Nature.  When we are free, we are at one with Nature.  The further we move away from Nature, the further we move away from freedom.  And as it so happens, if we have no freedom, we are the living dead.  We become enslaved by the chains of the big organisations ... the B’org Food Chain.  Cyborgs make good slaves.  The B’org hive.  They say we are all part of the almighty one.  Well, count me out, thank you very much.  I want to be free.  My future is free.

Photo Credit: Worlds Set Apart