Saturday, 30 April 2016

Signing Off

Take Back Your Power

With this article, I sign off from this blog. I will not be posting any more articles here, but I will keep the blog alive for reference purposes. I have started a new blog for my new business called Jennifer Wilson, Life Coach.. My strap line for this business is "Take Back Your Power". Please follow the link for further details.

I thank you, all my readers and followers. I hope you have enjoyed my articles and found something of interest in them. I welcome you to my new blog where I have a gadget to sign up for emails when I post new articles. The new blog will cover similar topics to this one, but the focus of it will be to explain and expand upon what I do in my life coaching business.

So far, I have two articles, WYSIWYG, and Visually Oriented which as the titles imply are about our vision.

In May, I will be posting a series of 20 short articles which explain and set out the Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi movements that I teach. These movements are used in martial arts training, but are also beneficial to health and easy to do.

Thank you again and I hope to see you on my new blog, Jennifer Wilson, Life CoachMaybe I'll even see you in person!

My new blog address: